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Library to simplify process of gathering identifiable attributes about files

Project description


atklite is a library intended to help easily determine identifiable attributes about files under investigation. With a simple usage syntax, the following information can be determined by calling applications:

  • MD5 hash

  • SHA-1 hash

  • SHA-256 hash

  • CRC32 checksum

  • File size

  • File type (from magic bytes)

  • Fuzzy hash (CTPH) via ssdeep

atklite is primarily intended for use in analyzing malware samples but may be useful for anyone looking for a simple API for analyzing files.

Additionally, atklite can be used as a binary storage system, utilizing a standard filesystem to store the files in a sharded manner using the first n bytes of the hash that a user chooses to use (md5, sha1, sha256 or sha512).



  • Python (tested with Python 2.7)

  • python-magic. On most systems this requires the libmagic library to be installed.

  • Python ssdeep wrapper, one of either:

Installing Prerequisites

Installing the prerequisites on an ubuntu system is fairly easy.

First we must install the prerequisites for python-ssdeep::

$ apt-get install cython ssdeep python-dev


Installation with pip is simple:

$ pip install atklite

If installing from source, unpack the distribution tarball and then install as follows:

$ python build
$ python install

Configuration and use


From the cli using atk-info:
jpleger@jupiter:~$ atk-info ~/glyphicons-halflings-white.png
[-] Using binary store at: /home/jpleger/binary_store
-- glyphicons-halflings-white.png ----------------------------------------------
  Analyze time: Mon Jul 29 18:23:10 2013
  File name:    glyphicons-halflings-white.png
  File size:    8777
  File type:    PNG image data, 469 x 159, 8-bit colormap, non-interlaced
  CRC-32:       43808ba4
  MD5 hash:     9bbc6e9602998a385c2ea13df56470fd
  SHA1 hash:    a25c4705320fd63c33790e666872910e702b9bf6
  SHA256 hash:  f0e0d95a9c8abcdfabf46348e2d4285829bb0491f5f6af0e05af52bffb6324c4
  Fuzzy hash:   192:41MFu/STZChMGLw/LtI30ukSCeQm9F+xZdqdfQpTTTIyQY7thi7uWB:iMdZ/GLILBmWEiTTTIyQY5hi71
  Stored File:  /home/jpleger/binary_store/9/b/b/9bbc6e9602998a385c2ea13df56470fd

From the python interpreter:
>>> import atklite
>>> file_analysis = atklite.FileAnalysis(filename='9ba57b128089f0a5a07b262511307f9c.exe')
>>> print file_analysis.dump()
sha1: 63738713f1e22425e06dd1f20e5cd22c630fd7d3
analyzetime: Sat Mar  2 00:57:50 2013
ftype: PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386, for MS Windows
crc32: 9083b5e6
ttime: 1362211070.21
sha256: 04a191e1d7526025ee911f8a55d5c329af456cbd48d507dc2040b4ead1e4a525
ssdeep: 1536:o+I6XtaJU0ikjlcCGXM6ds6GGA2P+ly+Hmuh81HSR:o+fXtBYcCiX1xP0Hmk8s
md5: 9ba57b128089f0a5a07b262511307f9c
size: 77824

>>> analysis = file_analysis.return_analysis()
>>> analysis['analyzetime']
'Sat Mar  2 00:57:50 2013'
>>> print analysis['md5']
>>> print analysis['sha1']
>>> print analysis['sha256']
>>> print analysis['size']
>>> print analysis['crc32']
>>> print analysis['ftype']
PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386, for MS Windows
>>> print analysis['ssdeep']

To Do

Nice to Have

  • Storing the reports with the files

  • Tagging within the saved reports

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atklite-1.1-release.tar.gz (11.0 kB view hashes)

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