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ATLAS style for Matplotlib 3.0+

Project description

Despite the last commit date, this package is still maintained. If you have any comments or improvements, open an issue or PR.

Provides a Matplotlib style replicating that used by the ATLAS collaboration.

Please open an issue if you find this style deviates from the guidelines.

Install from PyPI using pip: pip install atlas-mpl-style


In addition, this package also provides:

  • A function to draw the ATLAS label

  • A plot module containing functions to plot pre-binned histograms and

    limits. This includes functionality for plotting stacked backgrounds along with data and ratios in the usual ATLAS style.

  • A matplotlib style based on the background / foreground from the VIM Paper color scheme, along with a print version with a white background. - The default color cycle in all three styles is generated with HCL Wizard

  • Additional Matplotlib color definitions based on the Paper theme, and the

    Oceanic Next theme

UHI and the PlottableHistogram protocol

With the development of the UHI interface, this package now has support for histogram objects that follow the PlottableHistogram protocol. plot.Background objects can be constructed using PlottableHistograms and a list of such Backgrounds can be passed to plot.plot_backgrounds omitting the bins argument. The other histogram plotting functions could not be modified to accept PlottableHistogram in a backward compatible manner since they take bins before the histogram argument. Alternate versions of these functions are therefore provided in the uhi module.

As a result of this support, the histogram objects returned by Uproot 4 can be plotted directly, as can Boost-Histogram histograms and Hist objects (once the relevent PRs are merged into those repositories).

usetex=False Mode

From version 0.15, it is possible to use the ATLAS style without a LaTeX installation by passing usetex=False to use_atlas_style. When this is done, there are a few of points to bear in mind (particularly when producing PDF plots):

  1. The call to draw_atlas_label should be the last thing done before calling savefig.

  2. The figure dpi is set to 72 to match that of the PDF backend. This must not be changed if the plot will be exported in PDF or (E)PS format since doing so would cause the spacing in the ATLAS label to be incorrect.

  3. Due to the above, the dpi parameter should not be passed when exporting to a raster format.

  4. When converting a plotting script that uses usetex=True mode, ensure labels are updated to remove LaTeX macros that are not supported by Matplotlib’s mathtext.

TeXLive and Fonts Needed

When using the ATLAS style, text is (by default) typeset using LaTeX. From version 0.15, this can be avoided by passing usetex=False to use_atlas_style.

A working TeXLive installation providing the following is required:

  • pdflatex

  • amsmath

  • TeX Gyre Heros

  • mathastext

  • physics (the package)

  • siunitx

If no LaTeX installation is available, the style will warn and fall back to the usetex=False behaviour. To check if all necessary packages are installed, try building atlas_mpl_style/testing/ampl-test.tex.

On Arch (and related distributions), the texlive-most group is sufficient.

On Debian (Jessie or above) or Ubuntu (18.04+), the following set of packages should be sufficient. It is however highly recommended that you install texlive-full to obtain a complete installation of texlive.

  • texlive

  • texlive-latex-extra

  • texlive-fonts-recommended

  • texlive-lang-greek

  • tex-gyre

  • dvipng

  • ghostscript

On CentOS 7, the supplied TeXLive (2012) is extremely old. TeXLive should be installed from upstream.

TeXLive is not required for the “slides” or “print” style. Fira Sans and Iosevka should be installed for these styles to appear as intended. However, neither is necessary.

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