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Expose MongoDB Atlas Cloud provider APIs

Project description

Python Bindings for the Atlas Public API

This project intends to create a fairly opinionated set of bindings for the Atlas Public API which makes interacting with Atlas using Python easier. The API makes extensive use of enums and other helper type objects to take some of the guess work of administering Atlas clusters with Python.

In most cases objects will be returned based upon the structure of the json returned but the API Endpoints. These objects are defined either in the module or in a module named after the objects themselves ( for example).

All calls to the Atlas API require API credentials, you can configure them in your Atlas project.

Atlas API

Configure Atlas API Access

Current state of the python-atlasapi support


Found at

Autobuilt on each commit.


This package is available for Python 3.6+.

You can install the latest released version from pypi.

pip3 install atlasapi


Get All Database Users

from atlasapi.atlas import Atlas

a = Atlas("<user>","<password>","<groupid>")

# Low level Api
details = a.DatabaseUsers.get_all_database_users(pageNum=1, itemsPerPage=100)

# Iterable
for user in a.DatabaseUsers.get_all_database_users(iterable=True):

Create a Database User

from atlasapi.atlas import Atlas
from atlasapi.specs import DatabaseUsersPermissionsSpecs, RoleSpecs

a = Atlas("<user>","<password>","<groupid>")

p = DatabaseUsersPermissionsSpecs("test", "password for test user")
p.add_role("other-test-db", RoleSpecs.readWrite, "a_collection")

details = a.DatabaseUsers.create_a_database_user(p)

Update a Database User

from atlasapi.atlas import Atlas
from atlasapi.specs import DatabaseUsersUpdatePermissionsSpecs, RoleSpecs

a = Atlas("<user>","<password>","<groupid>")

# Update roles and password
p = DatabaseUsersUpdatePermissionsSpecs("password for test user")
p.add_role("test-db",, "a_collection")

details = a.DatabaseUsers.update_a_database_user("test", p)

Delete a Database User

from atlasapi.atlas import Atlas

a = Atlas("<user>","<password>","<groupid>")

details = a.DatabaseUsers.delete_a_database_user("test")

Get a Single Database User

from atlasapi.atlas import Atlas

a = Atlas("<user>","<password>","<groupid>")

details = a.DatabaseUsers.get_a_single_database_user("test")


from atlasapi.atlas import Atlas
from atlasapi.clusters import  AdvancedOptions

a = Atlas("<user>","<password>","<groupid>")

# Is existing cluster ?

# Get All Clusters
for cluster in a.Clusters.get_all_clusters(iterable=True):

# Get a Single Cluster
details = a.Clusters.get_single_cluster("cluster-dev")

# Delete a Cluster (dry run, raise ErrConfirmationRequested)
details = a.Clusters.delete_cluster("cluster-dev")

# Delete a Cluster (approved)
details = a.Clusters.delete_cluster("cluster-dev", areYouSure=True)

# Create a Simple Replica Set Cluster

details = a.Clusters.create_basic_rs(name="cluster-dev")

# Create a cluster

provider_settings: ProviderSettings = ProviderSettings()
regions_config = RegionConfig()
replication_specs = ReplicationSpecs(regions_config={provider_settings.region_name: regions_config.__dict__})

cluster_config = ClusterConfig(name='test2',

output = a.Clusters.create_cluster(cluster_config)

# Modify a cluster
existing_config = a.Clusters.get_single_cluster_as_obj(cluster=TEST_CLUSTER_NAME)
out.providerSettings.instance_size_name = InstanceSizeName.M10
out.disk_size_gb = 13
new_config = a.Clusters.modify_cluster('pyAtlasAPIClustersTest', out)

# Modify cluster instance size


# Pause(unpause) a cluster

a.Clusters.pause_cluster(cluster='pyAtlasAPIClustersTest', toggle_if_paused=True)

# Get Advanced Options

# Set Advanced Options
options = AdvancedOptions(failIndexKeyTooLong=True)


from atlasapi.atlas import Atlas
from atlasapi.specs import AlertStatusSpec

a = Atlas("<user>","<password>","<groupid>")

# Get All Alerts in OPEN status
for alert in a.Alerts.get_all_alerts(AlertStatusSpec.OPEN, iterable=True):

# Get an Alert
details = a.Alerts.get_an_alert("597f221fdf9db113ce1755cd")

# Acknowledge an Alert (BROKEN)
#  until (now + 6 hours)
from datetime import datetime, timezone, timedelta
now =
until = now + timedelta(hours=6)
details = a.Alerts.acknowledge_an_alert("597f221fdf9db113ce1755cd", until, "Acknowledge reason")

#  forever (BROKEN)
details = a.Alerts.acknowledge_an_alert_forever("597f221fdf9db113ce1755cd", "Acknowledge reason")

# Unacknowledge an Alert (BROKEN
details = a.Alerts.unacknowledge_an_alert("597f221fdf9db113ce1755cd")

Metrics (Measurements)

Examples coming soon.


from atlasapi.atlas import Atlas
from atlasapi.specs import AlertStatusSpec

atlas = Atlas("<user>","<password>","<groupid>")

test_host = atlas.Hosts.host_list[0]
print(f'Will get a mongod log for {test_host.hostname}')
out = atlas.Hosts.get_loglines_for_host(host_obj=test_host, log_name=AtlasLogNames.MONGODB)
for each_line in out:


Examples coming soon.

Maintenance Windows

Examples coming soon.

Error Types

About ErrAtlasGeneric

All ErrAtlas* Exception class inherit from ErrAtlasGeneric.

except ErrAtlasGeneric as e:
    c, details = e.getAtlasResponse()
  • ‘c’

    HTTP return code (4xx or 5xx for an error, 2xx otherwise)

  • ‘details’

    Response payload


  • ErrRole

    A role is not compatible with Atlas

  • ErrPagination

    An issue occurs during a “Get All” function with ‘iterable=True’

  • ErrPaginationLimits

    Out of limit on ‘pageNum’ or ‘itemsPerPage’ parameters

  • ErrAtlasBadRequest

    Something was wrong with the client request.

  • ErrAtlasUnauthorized

    Authentication is required

  • ErrAtlasForbidden

    Access to the specified resource is not permitted.

  • ErrAtlasNotFound

    The requested resource does not exist.

  • ErrAtlasMethodNotAllowed

    The HTTP method is not supported for the specified resource.

  • ErrAtlasConflict

    This is typically the response to a request to create or modify a property of an entity that is unique when an existing entity already exists with the same value for that property.

  • ErrAtlasServerErrors

    Something unexpected went wrong.

  • ErrConfirmationRequested

    Confirmation requested to execute the call.

Bugs or Issues

Please report bugs, issues or feature requests to Github Issues


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