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Asynchronous API wrapper for TMDb (

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Asynchronous API wrapper for TMDb.


aTMDb uses asyncio with the async and await syntax, so is only compatible with Python versions 3.5 and above.


atmdb can be installed from PyPI using pip:

pip install atmdb


You can run the tests with python test. To include the integration suite, ensure that the environment variable TMDB_API_TOKEN is set to a valid API token, and use --runslow if running py.test directly.



The core TMDbClient must be instantiated with a valid API token (see the API FAQ for more information), either directly:

from atmdb import TMDbClient

client = TMDbClient(api_token='<insert your token here>')

or as the TMDB_API_TOKEN environment variable:

client = TMDbClient.from_env()

You can then access the API by calling asynchronous helper methods on the client instance:

movie = await client.get_movie(550)
assert movie.title == 'Fight Club'

Any API endpoints not currently exposed via the helper methods can be accessed by using the url_builder and get_data methods directly, for example:

url = client.url_builder('company/{company_id}', dict(company_id=508))
                       # ^ endpoint            # ^ parameters to insert
company = await client.get_data(url)
assert company.get('name') == 'Regency Enterprises'

Note that, if you aren’t using a helper method, the result is just a vanilla dictionary.


aTMDb also exposes utilities for working with the API and models at a higher level of abstraction, for example:

from aTMDb import TMDbClient
from aTMDb.utils import find_overlapping_actors

actors = await find_overlapping_actors(
    ['monty python holy grail', 'meaning of life'],
    TMDbClient(api_token='<insert your token here>'),
assert any( == 'Eric Idle' for person in overlap)


Additional documentation is available on PythonHosted.

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