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Attini CDK Constructs

Project description

Attini CDK

The Attini CDK library contains AWS CDK constructs for creating Attini deployment plans using the CDK.

Attini allowed users to write deployment logic and package it together with the resources being deployed. The deployments are performed from within the AWS account and uses only serverless resources.

Together with the CDK the deployment logic can be we written in different programming languages.

For more information about Attini. Please visit the website. There are several guides on how to get started with different tasks.

Also check out the cdk examples repository, containing some minimalistic example implementations.

How to install

npm (Javascript/Typescript)

Run the following command:

npm i @attini/cdk
Maven (Java)

Add the following to your pom.xml file


Run the following command:

pip install attini-cdk-lib

How to use

To use Attini you need both the Attini CLI installed on your local machine and the Attini framework installed in your AWS account. See the get started guide for installation instructions.

Start from the root of the folder/project containing the resources that should be deployed. First create a new folder that will contain the CDK project that will become the deployment plan. In the folder, create a new cdk project in the language you prefer.

mkdir deloyment-plan-proj
cd deloyment-plan-proj
cdk init --language typescript

Install the attini constructs in the new app.

npm i @attini/cdk

Update the deployment-plan-proj stack to extend "DeploymentPlanStack" instead of "Stack". This will add the transformation necessary for Attini to function. This is also the stack where you create your deployment plan (find some examples here). All Attini types are supported, for more information on the different types, please read the guides or documentation.

In order to create an Attini distribution (the package that will be deployed) you need to create an attini-config.yaml file containing some basic data, such as the distribution name and our package instructions.

For this example, it could look like this:

distributionName: typescript-cdk-demo
  template: deployment-plan.yaml
  stackName: ${environment}-${distributionName}-deployment-plan

      - cd deployment-plan-proj
      - npm install
      - cdk synth > ../deployment-plan.yaml

The package commands will synthesise the template. For more information about packing, see the package a distribution guide.

The distribution can then be packaged and the deployed. From the root of the project, execute:

attini deploy run .

For more information about deploying a distribution. See the deploy a distribution guide.


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