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A plugin extends power of attrs library.

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Welcome to attrs_mate Documentation

attrs makes writing class a lot of more fun!

attrs_mate aims to bring more features to attrs, less code, and better code pattern.

Usage1: More Utility Methods

from attrs_mate import attr, AttrsClass

class User(AttrsClass):
    id = attr.ib()
    name = attr.ib()

user = User(id=1, name="Alice")
user.keys() # ["id", "name"]
user.values() # [1, "Alice"]
user.items() # [("id", 1), ("name": "Alice")]
user.to_dict() # {"id": 1, "name": "Alice"}
user.to_OrderedDict() # OrderedDict([("id", 1), ("name": "Alice")])

Usage2: Allow attrs to construct complex object from dict data.

Plus, this is an example of nesting schema.

import attr
from attrs_mate import AttrsClass

class Profile(AttrsClass):
    firstname, lastname, ssn are generic data type field.
    firstname = AttrsClass.ib_str() # default String Validator
    lastname = AttrsClass.ib_str()
    ssn = AttrsClass.ib_str()

class Degree(AttrsClass):
    name = AttrsClass.ib_str()
    year = AttrsClass.ib_int() # default Integer Validator

class People(AttrsClass):
    - ``profile`` is nested field.
    - ``degrees`` is collection type field.
    id = AttrsClass.ib_int()
    profile = Profile.ib_nested() # default Nested Schema Validator and Converter
    degrees = Degree.ib_list() # default Nested Schema Validator and Converter

>>> people = People(
        Degree(name="Bachelor", year=2004),
        Degree(name="Master", year=2006),

>>> people_data = people.to_dict()
>>> people_data
    'id': 1,
    'profile': {
        'lastname': 'John', 'ssn': '123-45-6789', 'firstname': 'David'
    'degrees': [
        {'name': 'Bachelor', 'year': 2004},
        {'name': 'Master', 'year': 2006}

>>> people = People.from_dict(people_data)
>>> people
People(id=1, profile=Profile(firstname='David', lastname='John', ssn='123-45-6789'), degrees=[Degree(name='Bachelor', year=2004), Degree(name='Master', year=2006)])

Or you can just pass nested schema in dictionary, it works the same:

>>> people = People(
        dict(name="Bachelor", year=2004),
        dict(name="Master", year=2006),

Usage3: Cached Instance and Property Attribute

from attrs_mate import attr, LazyClass

class User(LazyClass): # instance are cached
    id = attr.ib()
    lastname = attr.ib()
    firstname = attr.ib()
    uuid_called_count = attr.ib(default=0)
    fullname_called_count = attr.ib(default=0)

    def uuid(self):
        self.uuid_called_count += 1

    def fullname(self): # property method are cached
        self.fullname_called_count += 1
        return "{} {}".format(self.lastname, self.firstname)

>>> user1 = User.lazymake(id=1, lastname="David", firstname="John")
>>> user1.fullname_called_count
0 # initially, fullname never been called
>>> user1.fullname
David John
>>> user1.fullname_called_count
1 # called once
>>> user1.fullname
David John
>>> user1.fullname_called_count
1 # User.fullname() not been called

# use factory method to create new instance
>>> user2 = User.lazymake(id=1, lastname="David", firstname="Kim")
>>> id(user1) == id(user2)
True # since
>>> user2.firstname == "John"
>>> user2.fullname_called_count
1 # already been called once, because it is actually user1


attrs_mate is released on PyPI, so all you need is:

$ pip install attrs_mate

To upgrade to latest version:

$ pip install --upgrade attrs_mate

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