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Audio record streamlit

This streamlit component allows to register an audio utterence from a user.



pip install audio-recorder-streamlit


import streamlit as st
from audio_recorder_streamlit import audio_recorder

audio_bytes = audio_recorder()
if audio_bytes:, format="audio/wav")

Recording parameters

You can adjust the recording parameters energy_threshold and pause_threshold:

  • energy_threshold: The energy recording sensibility above which we consider that the user is speaking. If it is a float, then this is the energy threshold used to automatically detect recording start and recording end. You can provide a tuple for specifying different threshold for recording start detection and recording end detection.
  • pause_threshold: The number of seconds to spend below energy_level to automatically stop the recording.
  • sample_rate: Sample rate of the recorded audio. If not provided, this will use the default sample rate (
# The recording will stop automatically
# 2 sec after the utterance end
audio_bytes = audio_recorder(pause_threshold=2.0, sample_rate=41_000)

Styling parameters

You can adjust the button style parameters:

audio_bytes = audio_recorder(

Frequently Asked Question

How can I record for a fixed duration ?

You can record for a fixed duration by setting the energy_threshold=(-1.0, 1.0) so that the recorder considers that you are speaking at the beginning and then you are never speaking from this point on.

Then simply set pause_threshold to your desired recording length.

# Records 3 seconds in any case
audio_bytes = audio_recorder(
  energy_threshold=(-1.0, 1.0),

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