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Fix mp3 tags to use in iTunes/iPhone audiobooks.

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Audiobooks from mp3 with broken tags

Fix mp3 files tags to convert them into iTunes/iPhone audiobooks..

  • Fixes sort order.
  • Supports messed encoding like cyrillic Win1251.

Details in my blog's article.


Install using pipx for isolated environments, which prevents interference with your system's Python packages.

Once pipx is set up:

pipx install audiobook-tags

Command Line Interface


audiobook-tags [-h] [--encoding ENCODING] [--extension EXTENSION] [--set-tag [SET_TAG ...]] [--track-num TRACK_NUM] [--title-prefix TITLE_PREFIX] [--dry] [folder]

Fixes mp3 tags for iOS audiobooks.

positional arguments:
  folder                Folder to process. By default current folder.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --suffix SUFFIX, -s SUFFIX
                        Files suffix. By default mp3
  --encoding ENCODING, -e ENCODING
                        mp3 tags encoding. "none" if you do not need mp3 tags encoding fix. By default "cp1251".
  --tag [SET_TAG ...], -t [SET_TAG ...]
                        Change mp3 tag to specified string. Format "tag-name/tag-value".
                        Sort files and set mp3 tag `track_num`:
                          --num="name" - sort by names;
                          --num="tag-<TAG>" - sort by mp3 tag with name <TAG>.
                            For example to sort by title tag use --num="tag-title".
                        Add prefix to title tags. By default `{track:04} - ` if `--num` and no prefix if not.
  --dry, -d             Dry run without changing files.


audiobook-tags --tag="album_artist/Юрий Заборовский (Ардис)" --num="name" --prefix=""
  • converts all mp3 files in current folder and subfolders
  • fix encoding supposing that original encoding was Windows 1251
  • change tag album artist.
  • set track_num mp3 tag to file number as ordered by file name. But do not add the track number to the title (--prefix=""").


OS Dependencies


brew update brew install libmagic

Python dependencies

Note the dot before ./

. ./

We use eyeD3 to work with mp3 tags.

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