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Easy navigation within nested data of mappings (dict, ...) and sequences (list, ...). Easy access of values via single keys within these nested data structures. Enables different (human readable) representation of nested data structures.

Project description


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augmentedtree enhances mappings and sequences (targeted for python dictionaries and lists) preserving their native behavior and access. The enhancement comes with getting values by single keys, human readable viewing, selecting and setting multiple values/items within the nested data at once, or-conditional selection of values/items. Also this package intends to prepare the nested data for pyQt. The augmentation provides methods and properties to be used for a QAbstractItemModel showing the nested data within a QTreeView.


Installing the latest release using pip is recommended.

    $ pip install augmentedtree

The latest development state can be obtained from gitlab using pip.

    $ pip install git+

Basic Usage

The major purpose of augmentedtree is to retrieve quickly specific value(s) from a deep nested data featuring:

  • unix filename pattern
  • regular expressions
  • or-conditional selection

The targeted usage is to be able to write the following kind of code

# code where the nested data comes from

# gathering parameters
with AugmentedTree(nested_data) as tree:
    # simple selection
    first_value ="something", "here")[0]
    last_value ="something", "there")[-1]
    a_slice_of_values ="a", "l?t", "of")[3:6]

    # selection with refinement
    selection_of_values ="also/a", "lot", "of")
    narrowed_down = selection_of_values.where("this", "or", "that")[ALL_ITEMS]

if not tree.all_selections_succeeded:
    # break, exit or reacting to some value are not there

# code which is working with requested parameters       

Read-the-docs for a detailed explanation on how to use augmented tree.


Any contribution by reporting a bug or desired changes are welcomed. The preferred way is to create an issue on the gitlab's project page, to keep track of everything regarding this project.

Contribution of Source Code

Code style

This project follows the recommendations of PEP8. The project is using black as the code formatter.


  1. Fork the project on Gitlab.
  2. Commit changes to your own branch.
  3. Submit a pull request from your fork's branch to our branch 'dev'.



This project is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE - see the LICENSE file for details


Code style: black

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