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auto-cli-py: python package to automatically create CLI commands from function via introspection

Project description


Python Library that builds a complete CLI given one or more functions.

Most options are set using introspection/signature and annotation functionality, so very little configuration has to be done.


TL;DR Install for usage

# Install from github
pip install auto-cli-py

# See example code and output

In python code



Python (Anaconda) environment

(assumes anaconda is properly installed)

# First time. Create conda environment from environment.yml and activate it:
conda env create -f environment.yml -n auto-cli-py
conda activate auto-cli-py
# If environment changes:
conda activate auto-cli-py
conda env update -f=environment.yml
# -- OR remove and restart --
conda remove --name auto-cli-py --all
conda env create -f environment.yml

Activate environment

conda activate auto-cli-py

# This symlinks the installed auto_cli package to the source:
pip install -e .


conda activate auto-cli-py

Linting and Testing

pytest behavior and output is controlled through auto_cli/tests/pytest.ini

# Lint all code:
pylint auto_cli

# Run all tests

# See more options for pytest:
pytest --help

# This is handy:
pytest --fixtures-per-test

Installation (other)

# AND/OR Install from a specific github branch
pip uninstall auto-cli-py
pip install git+

---## Example

#!/usr/bin/env python
  Simple Examples of CLI creation.
import sys
from auto_cli.cli import CLI
import enum

def foo():

def train(
  epochs:int = 20):
  print("Training with initial_learning_rate:{initial_learning_rate}, seed:{seed}, batch_size:{batch_size}, epochs:{epochs} into data_dir:{data_dir}")

#AnimalEnum = enum.Enum('Animal', 'ANT BEE CAT DOG')
class AnimalEnum(enum.Enum):
  ANT = 1
  BEE = 2
  CAT = 3
  DOG = 4

def count_animals(count:int=20, animal:AnimalEnum=AnimalEnum.BEE):
  return count

if __name__ == '__main__':
  fn_opts = {
    'foo':   {'description':'Foobar'},
    'train': {'description':'Train'},
    'count_animals': {'description':'Count Animals'},

  cli = CLI(sys.modules[__name__], function_opts=fn_opts, title="Foobar Example CLI")


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