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Awesome `auto_pytest_mg` is a Python cli/package created with

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auto_pytest_mg (Automatic pytest Mock Generator)

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auto_pytest_mg generates a test skeleton for a given python file. This skeleton includes:

  • fixtures that mock all non-standard library imported names
  • a boilerplate test for every class method and property
  • a boilerplate test for every function
  • mocker and mg fixtures for all tests

It is not auto_pytest_mg's goal to produce the entirety of the test. The creation of test mocks and asserts is delegated to pytest-mocker-generator via the mg fixture and the mg.generate_uut_mocks_with_asserts(...) call.

This package is a static analysis tool and will not execute any of your code.


# install the package
pip install auto_pytest_mg

# go to project's source root
cd my_project

# pass the file to generate tests for
auto_pytest_mg my_project/


Source file located at my_project/

# my_project/
import requests

class MyClass:

    def __init__(self, a: int):
        self.a = a

    def method(self) -> int:
        return self.a

def get(url: str) -> requests.Response:
    return requests.get(url)

Running auto_pytest_mg my_project/ will then output to stdout the generated test file:

import pytest

from my_project.my_file import get, MyClass

MODULE_PATH = "my_project.my_file"

def mock_requests(mocker):
    return mocker.patch(f"{MODULE_PATH}.requests")

def my_class(mocker):
    a = mocker.MagicMock()
    return MyClass(a=a)

class TestMyClass:
    def test__init__(self, mocker):
        a = mocker.MagicMock()

        my_class_ = MyClass(a=a)

    def test_method(self, mocker, mg, my_class):

        result = my_class.method()

def test_get(mocker, mg):
    url = mocker.MagicMock()

    result = get(url=url)

Similar packages

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    • Executes given source code and uses a genetic algorithm to produce test cases
    • Can output to unittest/pytest test styles
  • pythoscope
    • Last updated in 2016
    • Performs static analysis, does not run your code.
    • Outputs unittest test style only




This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE for more details.

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