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An unofficial Python wrapper for the API

Project description

Unofficial Python Wrapper

An unofficial Python wrapper for the API




python -m pip install autobuy


Get Methods

Get order details

Get the details of a specific order.

from autobuyWrapper.autobuy import get

orderDetails = get.order(APIKey='2cdbdc48-b297-41ad-a234-329db0d2dbea', order='c1497823-370c-4c7a-82cd-dacddb36fc30')

Get all orders

Lists orders in descending order by creation date in pages of 10.

from autobuyWrapper.autobuy import get

orders = get.orders(APIKey='2cdbdc48-b297-41ad-a234-329db0d2dbea', page='1')

Get all products

This will list all your products out along with the stocked product.

from autobuyWrapper.autobuy import get

allProducts = get.products(APIKey='2cdbdc48-b297-41ad-a234-329db0d2dbea')

Get product details

Get a single product by ID.

from autobuyWrapper.autobuy import get

allProducts = get.products(APIKey='2cdbdc48-b297-41ad-a234-329db0d2dbea', id='2cdbdc48-b297-41ad-a234-329db0d2dbea')


Create product

Creates a new product.

Only four arguments are required. APIKey, name, description, productType. The rest of the arguments are optional. Optional arguments with default values are: unlisted=False, blockProxy=False, purchaseMax='100000', purchaseMin='1', webhookUrl=None, serials=[], stockDelimiter=','.

from autobuyWrapper.autobuy import product

# Use of product.create() with only required aurguments
newProduct = product.create(APIKey='2cdbdc48-b297-41ad-a234-329db0d2dbea', name='test12', description='just a test', price='9.99', productType='SerialNumber')

Update product

Updates a product by ID. This call requires all arguments to be present.

from autobuyWrapper.autobuy import product

updatedProduct = product.update(APIKey='2cdbdc48-b297-41ad-a234-329db0d2dbea', id='2cdbdc48-b297-41ad-a234-329db0d2dbea', name='test13', description='updated description', price='8.99', productType='SerialNumber', unlisted=False, blockProxy=False, purchaseMax='100000', purchaseMin='1', webhookUrl='', serials='newAccount, newAccount2', stockDelimiter=',')

Delete product

Delete a product by ID.

from autobuyWrapper.autobuy import product

product.delete(APIKey='2cdbdc48-b297-41ad-a234-329db0d2dbea', id='2cdbdc48-b297-41ad-a234-329db0d2dbea')

Add stock to product

Adds stock to a product. Only one item can be added per call.

from autobuyWrapper.autobuy import product

updatedProduct = product.addStock(APIKey='2cdbdc48-b297-41ad-a234-329db0d2dbea', id='2cdbdc48-b297-41ad-a234-329db0d2dbea', serial='')

To add multiple items to the product's stock, loop over a list of the items.

from autobuyWrapper.autobuy import product

items = ['serial1', 'serial2', 'serial3', 'serial4', 'serial5']
for item in items:
    updatedProduct = product.addStock(APIKey='2cdbdc48-b297-41ad-a234-329db0d2dbea', id='2cdbdc48-b297-41ad-a234-329db0d2dbea', serial=item)

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