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Library to simplify autograd computations in PyTorch

Project description


By Yaroslav Bulatov, Kazuki Osawa

Library to simplify gradient computations in PyTorch.

example 1: per-example gradient norms

Example of using it to compute per-example gradient norms for linear layers, using trick from

See for a runnable example. The important parts:

!pip install autograd-lib

from autograd_lib import autograd_lib

loss_fn = ...
data = ...
model = ...

activations = {}

def save_activations(layer, A, _):
    activations[layer] = A

with autograd_lib.module_hook(save_activations):
    output = model(data)
    loss = loss_fn(output)

norms = [torch.zeros(n)]

def per_example_norms(layer, _, B):
    A = activations[layer]

with autograd_lib.module_hook(per_example_norms):

print('per-example gradient norms squared:', norms[0])

Example 2: Hessian quantities

To compute exact Hessian, Hessian diagonal and KFAC approximation for all linear layers of a ReLU network in a single pass.

See for a self-contained example. The important parts:

!pip install autograd-lib


hess = defaultdict(float)
hess_diag = defaultdict(float)
hess_kfac = defaultdict(lambda: AttrDefault(float))

activations = {}
def save_activations(layer, A, _):
    activations[layer] = A

    # KFAC left factor
    hess_kfac[layer].AA += torch.einsum("ni,nj->ij", A, A)

with autograd_lib.module_hook(save_activations):
    output = model(data)
    loss = loss_fn(output, targets)

def compute_hess(layer, _, B):
    A = activations[layer]
    BA = torch.einsum("nl,ni->nli", B, A)

    # full Hessian
    hess[layer] += torch.einsum('nli,nkj->likj', BA, BA)

    # Hessian diagonal
    hess_diag[layer] += torch.einsum("ni,nj->ij", B * B, A * A)

    # KFAC right factor
    hess_kfac[layer].BB += torch.einsum("ni,nj->ij", B, B)

with autograd_lib.module_hook(compute_hess):
    autograd_lib.backward_hessian(output, loss='CrossEntropy')


  • autograd_lib.backward_hessian for Hessian
  • autograd_lib.backward_jacobian for Jacobian squared
  • loss.backward() for empirical Fisher Information Matrix

See for correctness checks against PyTorch autograd.

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