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A simple, secure, and versatile way to automatically grade programming assignments

Project description


A simple, secure, and versatile way to automatically grade programming assignments

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  • Blazingly fast (can grade hundreads of submissions using dozens of testcases in a few minutes. Seconds if grading python)
  • Easy to grade
  • Easy-to-write testcases
  • Testcase grade can be based on student's stdout
  • Can grade C, C++, Java, and Python code in regular mode
  • Can grade any programming language in stdout-only mode
  • A file with testcase grades and details can be generated for each student
  • You can customize the total points for the assignment, maximum running time of student's program, file names to be considered for grading, formatters for checking student stdout, and so much more.
  • Anti Cheating capabilities that make it nearly impossible for students to cheat
  • Grading submissions in multiple programming languages at once
  • JSON result output supported if autograder needs to be integrated as a part of a larger utility
  • Can check submissions for similarity (plagiarism)
  • Can detect and report memory leaks in C/C++ code


  • Run pip install autograder
  • To grade various programming languages, you'd need to install:
    • gcc/clang for C/C++ support
    • Java JDK for java support
    • make for compiled stdout-only testcase support
    • Any interpreter/compiler necessary to run stdout-only testcases. For example, testcases with ruby in their shebang lines will require the ruby interpreter


pip install -U --no-cache-dir autograder


  • Run autograder guide path/to/directory/you'd/like/to/grade. The guide will create all of the necessary configurations and directories for grading and will explain how to grade.
  • Read the usage section of the docs

Supported Platforms

  • Linux is fully supported
  • OS X is fully supported
  • Windows is partially supported:
    • Stdout-testcases that require shebang lines are not and cannot be supported

Supported Programming Languages

  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • CPython (3.8-3.11)
  • Any programming language if stdout-only grading is used

Project details

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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autograder-3.7.7.tar.gz (1.2 MB view hashes)

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autograder-3.7.7-py3-none-any.whl (1.0 MB view hashes)

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