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Autohooks plugin for code formatting via autopep8

Project description

autohooks-plugin-autopep8 Build Status

An autohooks plugin for python code formatting via autopep8.


Install using pip

You can install the latest stable release of autohooks-plugin-autopep8 from the Python Package Index using pip:

pip install autohooks-plugin-autopep8

Note the pip refers to the Python 3 package manager. In a environment where Python 2 is also available the correct command may be pip3.

Install using pipenv

It is highly encouraged to use pipenv for maintaining your project's dependencies. Normally autohooks-plugin-autopep8 is installed as a development dependency.

pipenv install --dev autohooks-plugin-autopep8


To activate the autopep8 autohooks plugin please add the following setting to your pyproject.toml file.

pre-commit = ["autohooks.plugins.autopep8"]

Customizing the autopep8 behavior

To pass options to autopep8, you have to add an additional

option = value

block to your pyproject.toml file. Possible options are explained in the following.

Included files

By default, autohooks plugin autopep8 checks all files with a .py ending. If only files in a sub-directory or files with different endings should be formatted, just add the following setting:

include = ['foo/*.py', '*.foo']

Experimental autopep8 features

Experimental features can be enabled by adding the following setting:

experimental-features = true

The are disabled by default.

Ignored errors

You can specificy which errors should be ignored as follows:

ignore_errors = ['E101', ...]

where the errors should match to the list of errors fixed by autopep8.

The default is ['E226', 'E24', 'W50', 'W690'].

Maximum line length

The maximum allowed line length can be set with

max_line_length = 79

The default is 79.


Your contributions are highly appreciated. Please create a pull request on GitHub. Bigger changes need to be discussed with the development team via the issues section at GitHub first.


Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 or later.

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