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Simple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC - townhall demo

Project description

Getting Started with APIMATIC Calculator


Simple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC - townhall demo

Install the Package

The package is compatible with Python versions 2 >=2.7.9 and 3 >=3.4. Install the package from PyPi using the following pip command:

pip install automation-test==1.25

You can also view the package at:

Test the SDK

You can test the generated SDK and the server with test cases. unittest is used as the testing framework and nose is used as the test runner. You can run the tests as follows:

Navigate to the root directory of the SDK and run the following commands

pip install -r test-requirements.txt

Initialize the API Client

Note: Documentation for the client can be found here.

The following parameters are configurable for the API Client:

Parameter Type Description
environment Environment The API environment.
Default: Environment.PRODUCTION
timeout float The value to use for connection timeout.
Default: 60
max_retries int The number of times to retry an endpoint call if it fails.
Default: 0
backoff_factor float A backoff factor to apply between attempts after the second try.
Default: 2
retry_statuses Array of int The http statuses on which retry is to be done.
Default: [408, 413, 429, 500, 502, 503, 504, 521, 522, 524]
retry_methods Array of string The http methods on which retry is to be done.
Default: ['GET', 'PUT']

The API client can be initialized as follows:

from apimaticcalculator.apimaticcalculator_client import ApimaticcalculatorClient
from apimaticcalculator.configuration import Environment

client = ApimaticcalculatorClient(

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