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Interface to Autoplot Java library

Project description

Autoplot is a Java application which can read data from many sources, such as ASCII tables, NASA CDF files, and HDF5 files. It can also read data from data servers, such as the server at NASA/Goddard/CDAWeb, Das2Servers used by the Radio and Plasma Wave Group at the University of Iowa, and servers supporting the HAPI API.

Autoplot identifies data using “URIs”, which are one-line strings containing a data source ID and configuration to read the data. These URIs can be created using the Autoplot application, available at Data are read into a standard data model, QDataSet, which is easily adapted to Python using “JPype”. Helper procedures from the autoplot package convert QDataSets into ndarrays.

Autoplot/Python Interface Tools

Install using pip install autoplot

import autoplot as ap

# Download autoplot.jar if needed and return Python bridge object

# Create Autoplot Data Set.  This object manages loading the data and then containing it until extracted.
apds = ap.APDataSet()

# Set URI

# Get the data

# data: data[dep0=288] (dimensionless)
# dep0: dep0[288] (days since 1899-12-30T00:00:00.000Z) (DEPEND_0)

# Extract data values
vv = ap.to_ndarray(apds, 'data')
tt = ap.to_ndarray(apds, 'dep0')

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt


Jeremy Faden <>

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autoplot-0.8.1.tar.gz (9.9 kB view hashes)

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