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Availsim4 is a tool to predict reliability and availability of modern particle accelerators and their related systems.

Project description


Availsim 4 is a software to predict reliability and availability of modern particle accelerators and the related technical systems. It is based on a Monte Carlo Discrete Event Simulation algorithm and allows for advanced availability and reliability statistics.


Python >=3.7, <4


(Optional:) Pre-requirement for Windows users

  • One of the external dependencies requires Windows users to install Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 or greater. It can be downloaded from "Microsoft C++ Build Tools":, this requirement is needed to use the Quasi-Monte-Carlo algorithm. CERN's Windows users might prefer to use SWAN notebooks which are running on Linux machines.

(Optional:) Visualization tools

  • To generate a diagram of the architecture tree, AvailSim4 requires PyGraphviz package and Graphviz to be installed. More information and OS-specific installation guide of Graphviz: and of PyGraphviz: General instructions:
    • Linux: install Graphviz through your system package manager and then make sure to install PyGraphviz with pip or conda : apt-get update, apt-get install libgraphviz-dev, pip install pygraphviz.
    • Windows: Graphviz installation wizard can be downloaded manually from the website. Then proceed to install PyGraphviz with pip or conda. Make sure that dot program's plugins are configured by running dot -c command in your environment. May also require Microsoft C++ Build Tools as a pre-requirement .
    • MacOS: you can install Graphviz using Homebrew package manager by running command brew install graphviz and then pip install pygraphviz.

(Recommended:) Gitlab

  • Clone the project from
  • (Optional) create a dedicated virtual environment. In the context of CERN follow :
  • Install the dependencies pip install -r requirements.txt or conda install --file requirements.txt
  • For CERN users, dependencies could be installed in a dedicated folder to ease the load on the file system when executing larger number of jobs in parallel: pip install --target=/afs/ -r requirements.txt (see user guide, Running the code section)


  • AvailSim4 can also be installed via pip from PyPi pip install availsim4


AvailSim4 input arguments are the following ones: [-h] 
             --system SYSTEM
             --simulation SIMULATION 
             --output_folder OUTPUT_FOLDER
             [--sensitivity_analysis SENSITIVITYANALYSIS] 
             [--HTCondor_extra_argument OPTIONAL_EXTRA_ARGUMENT]
             [--nb_processes NB_PROCESS]
             [--children_logic PYTHON_FILE]

Example of a call for an execution on a local machine within a terminal from the project root directory:

python3 --system availsim4core/test/E2E/input/convergence/convergence_test_system.xlsx --simulation availsim4core/test/E2E/input/convergence/N1000_simulation.xlsx --output_folder output/E2E_example/

One can import Availsim4 and start it from a python script:

from availsim4core.main import main

main.start( path_simulation = 'path_to_siulation_file/simulation_file.xlsx',
            path_system = 'path_to_system_file/system_file.xlsx',
            output_folder = 'path_to_output_folder/',

A notebook, call_AvailSim4.ipynb, is provided to make calls to AvailSim4 in jupyter (e.g. SWAN for CERN users).

Example of a call for an execution on a cluster handle with HTCondor is described in the user guide.

User documentation

A guide is provided in doc/user_guide/


Copyright © CERN 2021. Released under the GPL 3.0 only license. All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

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