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Python plotting APIs

Project description


A sane plotting API. Currently it only supports matplotlib as the backend, but other backends can be plugged.



pip install avilabs-plotter

Quick Start

import plotter as pltr

nodes = ['master', 'worker1', 'worker2']
cpus = [0.1, 0.6, 0.4]
cpusbar = pltr.VerticalBar(categories=nodes, values=cpus)
pltr.show_plot('CPU Performance', cpusbar)

Plot Styles

Plotter can plot a number of different plot styles.

Categorical Plots

When the x-axis is composed of labels and the y-axis are numbers.

  • Horizontal Bar
  • Line
  • Vertical Bar

Numeric Plots

When both the x-axis and y-axis are numbers.

  • Graph
  • Scatter


  • Grayscale Image
  • RGB Image


Frame --> * Chart --> * Plot --> * Axis

A Plot is composed of Axis objects. A Chart can have multiple Plots in it, provided all their Axis are compatible. A Frame can have multiple Charts.

Detailed Usage

import numpy as np

from plotter import Axis, Frame, Graph, MatplotlibBackend, set_backend, Font, Color


frame = Frame(height_px=600, width_px=10000)
frame.layout(nrows=1, ncols=2)
# frame = Frame()

# Trig chart
chart = frame.create_chart()
chart.title = 'Trig Chart'
chart.x_axis = Axis(label='Radians', font=Font(size=14, color=Color(red=255, blue=126, green=0)))

cosx = Graph((-np.pi, np.pi), np.cos, legend='cos(x)')

sinx = Graph((-np.pi, np.pi), np.sin, legend='sin(x)')

# Geometry chart
chart = frame.create_chart()
chart.grid = True
chart.origin = (0, 0)

line = Graph((-10, 10), lambda x: 2*x)
chart.x_axis = Axis(label='x')
chart.y_axis = Axis(label='y', limits=(-25, 25))

See the examples directory for more usage.

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