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Apache Mesos Provider

Project description

Provider for Apache Airflow 2.x to schedule Apache Mesos

This provider for Apache Airflow contain the following features:

  • MesosExecuter - A scheduler to run Airflow DAG's on mesos
  • MesosOperator - To executer Airflow tasks on mesos. (TODO)


  • Airflow 2.x
  • Apache Mesos minimum 1.6.x

How to install and configure

On the Airflow Server, we have to install the mesos provider.

pip install avmesos_airflow_provider

Then we will configure Airflow.

vim airflow.cfg

executor = avmesos_airflow_provider.executors.mesos_executor.MesosExecutor

mesos_ssl = True
master = leader.mesos:5050
framework_name = Airflow
checkpoint = True
failover_timeout = 604800
command_shell = True
task_cpu = 1
task_memory = 20000
authenticate = True
default_principal = <MESOS USER>
default_secret = <MESOS PASSWORD>
docker_image_slave = <AIRFLOW DOCKER IMAGE>
docker_volume_driver = local
docker_volume_dag_name = airflowdags
docker_volume_dag_container_path = /home/airflow/airflow/dags/
docker_sock = /var/run/docker.sock
docker_volume_logs_name = airflowlogs
docker_volume_logs_container_path = /home/airflow/airflow/logs/
docker_environment = '[{ "name":"<KEY>", "value":"<VALUE>" }, { ... }]'
api_username = <USERNAME FOR THIS API>
api_password = <PASSWORD FOR THIS API>

DAG example with mesos executor

from airflow import DAG
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from airflow.operators.dummy_operator import DummyOperator
from airflow.providers.docker.operators.docker import DockerOperator
from airflow.operators.python import PythonOperator

default_args = {
        'owner'                 : 'airflow',
        'description'           : 'Use of the DockerOperator',
        'depend_on_past'        : True,

with DAG('docker_dag2', default_args=default_args, schedule_interval="*/10 * * * * ", catchup=True, as dag:
        t2 = DockerOperator(
                command="/bin/sleep 600",
                                "cpus": 2.0,
                                "mem_limit": 2048



For development and testing we deliver a nix-shell file to install airflow, our airflow provider and postgresql. To use it, please follow the following steps:

  1. Run mesos-mini:
docker run --rm --name mesos --privileged=true --shm-size=30gb -it --net host avhost/mesos-mini:1.11.0-0.2.0-1 /lib/systemd/systemd
  1. Use nix-shell:

> airflow scheduler
  1. On the mesos-ui (http://localhost:5050) you will see Airflow as framework.

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