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Varianter with combinatorial capabilities by PICT

Project description


This plugin uses a third-party tool to provide variants created by “Pair-Wise” algorithms, also known as Combinatorial Independent Testing.

Installing PICT

PICT is a free software (MIT licensed) tool that implements combinatorial testing. More information about it can be found at .

If you’re building from sources, make sure you have a C++ compiler such as GCC or clang, and make. The included Makefile should work out of the box and give you a pict binary.

Then copy the pict binary to a location in your $PATH. Alternatively, you may use the plugin --pict-binary command line option to provide a specific location of the pict binary, but that is not as convenient as having it on your $PATH.

Using the PICT Varianter Plugin

To install the Avocado PICT plugin from pip, use:

$ sudo pip install avocado-framework-plugin-varianter-pict

To run the example below, use the test included in the avocado code

$ git clone

The following listing is a sample (simple) PICT file included at avocado/examples/varianter_pict/params.pict

arch: intel, amd
block_driver: scsi, ide, virtio
net_driver: rtl8139, e1000, virtio
guest: windows, linux
host: rhel6, rhel7, rhel8

To list the variants generated with the default combination order (2, that is, do a pairwise idenpendent combinatorial testing):

$ avocado variants --pict-parameter-file=avocado/examples/varianter_pict/params.pict
Pict Variants (11):
Variant amd-scsi-rtl8139-windows-rhel6-acff:    /run
Variant intel-scsi-virtio-linux-rhel8-26df:    /run
Variant amd-ide-virtio-windows-rhel7-3fe7:    /run
Variant amd-virtio-e1000-linux-rhel7-bf2d:    /run
Variant intel-scsi-e1000-windows-rhel8-4808:    /run
Variant intel-scsi-rtl8139-linux-rhel7-2975:    /run
Variant intel-virtio-rtl8139-windows-rhel8-6632:    /run
Variant intel-ide-rtl8139-linux-rhel6-edd2:    /run
Variant intel-virtio-virtio-windows-rhel6-e95a:    /run
Variant amd-ide-e1000-linux-rhel8-5fcc:    /run
Variant amd-ide-e1000-linux-rhel6-eb43:    /run

To list the variants generated with a 3-way combination:

$ avocado variants --pict-parameter-file=avocado/examples/varianter_pict/params.pict \

Pict Variants (28):
Variant intel-ide-virtio-windows-rhel7-aea5:    /run
Variant intel-scsi-e1000-linux-rhel7-9f61:    /run

To run tests, just replace the variants avocado command for run:

$ avocado run --pict-parameter-file=avocado/examples/varianter_pict/params.pict /bin/true

The tests given in the command line should then be executed with all variants produced by the combinatorial algorithm implemented by PICT.

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