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Simplified PostgreSQL client built upon Psycopg2

Project description

An opinionated `Rejected consumer <>`_ class that
automatically decodes messages sent as `Avro <>`_

For applications that can share schema files, Avro datum provide small, contract
based binary serialization format. Leveraging AMQP's ``Type`` message property
to convey the Avro schema file for decoding the datum, the ``DatumFileSchemaConsumer``
and ``DatumConsulSchemaConsumer`` classes extend Rejected's
``rejected.consumer.Consumer`` class adding automated deserialization of AMQP
messages serialized as Avro datums.

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avroconsumer is available on the `Python package index <>`_.


To use the ``DatumFileSchemaConsumer``, first you need to set the ``schema_path``
configuration setting in the rejected configuration file. The following snippet
demonstrates an example configuration:

.. code:: yaml

consumer: app.Consumer
connections: [rabbit1]
qty: 1
queue: datum
qos_prefetch: 1
ack: True
max_errors: 5
schema_path: /etc/avro-schemas/

If messages are published with a AMQP ``type`` message property of ``foo`` and
a ``content-type`` property of ``application/vnd.apache.avro.datum``, the
``DatumConsumer`` will use the Avro schema file ``/etc/avro-schemas/foo.avsc``
to deserialize messages

The following example code shows how implement the ``DatumConsumer``.

.. code:: python

import avroconsumer

class MyConsumer(avroconsumer.DatumFileSchemaConsumer):

def process(self):
LOGGER.debug('Decoded avro datum data: %r', self.body)

As with any instance of ``rejected.consumer.Consumer``, the
``avroconsumer.DatumFileSchemaConsumer`` can automatically rejected messages
based upon the ``type`` message property. Simply set the ``MESSAGE_TYPE`` attribute
of your consumer and any messages received that do not match that message type
will be rejected. The following example demonstrates setting the message type:

.. code:: python

import avroconsumer

class MyConsumer(avroconsumer.DatumConsumer):


def process(self):
LOGGER.debug('Decoded avro datum data: %r', self.body)

The ``avroconsumer.DatumConsulSchemaConsumer`` is an opinionated wrapper that
loads versioned schema files from a `consul <>`_ Key/Value
database. The schema files should be stored as keys in the format
``/schemas/avro/<schema-name>/<schema-version>.avsc``. When messages are sent
to consumers extending ``avroconsumer.DatumConsulSchemaConsumer`` the AMQP `
``type`` message property should be in ``<schema-name>.<schema-version>`` format.

You can alter which Consul server is used to retrieve the schema by setting
the ``CONSUL_HOST`` and ``CONSUL_PORT`` environment variables. They default
to ``localhost`` and ``8500`` respectively.

- `avro <>`_
- `rejected <>`_

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