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An interface between Python and AutonoWar

Project description

# AutonoWar Connection An interface between Python and AutonoWar <br> <br> Documentation (AutonoWar v0.1.3, abrconnection v0.1.0): <br><br>

  • Coordinate system is left-handed, with x being east, y being upwards, and z being north.

  • RobotConnection(): class which handles connection to the game. Should be instantiated at beginning of script, and method connect() should be called immediately after. disconnect() ends connection.

  • RobotConnection.set_tire_torque(tire_name, torque): sets torque of tire tire_name to torque. Current tire names are “BackLeft”, “BackRight”, “FrontLeft”, and “FrontRight.”

  • RobotConnection.set_tire_steering(tire_name, bering): sets tire tire_name to bering. All angles/berings are clockwise off of vertical (unity’s coordinate system is left-handed).

  • RobotConnection.sensors: Dictionary/Hashtable containing information about the state of the robot.

    • Vectors are stored as dictionaries with keys “x”, “y”, and “z”.

    • sensors[“gps”]: Sensor containing position information of the robot.

      • sensors[“gps”][“position”]: Vector containing current position of robot relative to starting point.

    • sensors[“gyroscope”]: Sensor containing rotation information of the robot:

      • sensors[“gyroscope”][“right”]: Unit vector pointing right RELATIVE to the robot. For example, if the robot was facing in the default direction, its right vector would be <1, 0, 0> because its right direction is east. If the robot turned 90 degees counterclockwise, its right vector would be <0, 0, 1>. If the robot was facing a bering of 45 degrees and was climbing a 20 degree grade, its right vector would be <cos(45), sin(20), sin(45)> / sqrt(cos(45)^2 + sin(20)^2 + sin(45)^2).

      • sensors[“gyroscope”][“up”]: Unit vector pointing up RELATIVE to the robot. Same idea as before.

      • sensors[“gyroscope”][“forward”]: Unit vector pointing up RELATIVE to the robot. Same idea as before.

    • sensors[“lidar”][“distanceArray”]: Array containing distance to any object at 1 degree increments. state_dict[“lidar”][“distanceArray”][0] would describe how many meters of clearance the robot has in front of itself, state_dict[“lidar”][“distanceArray”][90] would describe its clearance to the right, and so on. If the robot has more than 100 meters of clearance in a particular direction, the value will capped at 100. In future updates, lidar upgrades might include an increase in range or density for in-game currency. Vertical FOV will be coming soon.

    • sensors[“radar”][“pings”]: array of vectors representing opponent locations

    • sensors[“altimeter”][“altitude”]: distance to ground in world space (i.e. NOT normal to robot)

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