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Python flexible slugify function

Project description

Python flexible slugify function


pip install awesome-slugify


from slugify import slugify

slugify('Any text')  # 'Any-text'

Custom slugify

from slugify import slugify, Slugify

slugify('Any text', to_lower=True)  # 'any-text'

custom_slugify = Slugify(to_lower=True)
custom_slugify('Any text')          # 'any-text'

custom_slugify.separator = '_'
custom_slugify('Any text')          # 'any_text'

slugify function optional args

to_lower              # if True convert text to lowercase
max_length            # output string max length
separator             # separator string
capitalize            # if True upper first letter

Slugify class args

pretranslate = None               # function or dict for replace before translation
translate = unidecode.unidecode   # function for slugifying or None
safe_chars = ''                   # additional safe chars
stop_words = ()                   # remove these words from slug

to_lower = False                  # default to_lower value
max_length = None                 # default max_length value
separator = '-'                   # default separator value
capitalize = False                # default capitalize value

Predefined slugify functions

Some slugify functions is predefined this way:

from slugify import Slugify, CYRILLIC, GERMAN, GREEK

slugify = Slugify()
slugify_unicode = Slugify(translate=None)

slugify_url = Slugify()
slugify_url.to_lower = True
slugify_url.stop_words = ('a', 'an', 'the')
slugify_url.max_length = 200

slugify_filename = Slugify()
slugify_filename.separator = '_'
slugify_filename.safe_chars = '-.'
slugify_filename.max_length = 255

slugify_ru = Slugify(pretranslate=CYRILLIC)
slugify_de = Slugify(pretranslate=GERMAN)
slugify_el = Slugify(pretranslate=GREEK)


from slugify import Slugify, slugify, slugify_unicode
from slugify import slugify_url, slugify_filename
from slugify import slugify_ru, slugify_de

slugify('one kožušček')                       # one-kozuscek
slugify('one two three', separator='.')       # one.two.three
slugify('one two three four', max_length=12)  # one-two-four   (12 chars)
slugify('one TWO', to_lower=True)             # one-two
slugify('one TWO', capitalize=True)           # One-TWO

slugify_filename(u'Дrаft №2.txt')             # Draft_2.txt
slugify_url(u'Дrаft №2.txt')                  # draft-2-txt

my_slugify = Slugify()
my_slugify.separator = '.'
my_slugify.pretranslate = {'я': 'i', '♥': 'love'}
my_slugify('Я ♥ борщ')                        #  (custom translate)

slugify('Я ♥ борщ')                           # Ia-borshch  (standard translation)
slugify_ru('Я ♥ борщ')                        # Ya-borsch   (alternative russian translation)
slugify_unicode('Я ♥ борщ')                   # Я-борщ      (sanitize only)

slugify_de('ÜBER Über slugify')               # UEBER-Ueber-slugify

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