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Webhook creator and deployer

Project description

= AnyWebHook

AnyWebhook (*awh*) is Python/WSGI webhook listener and handler. It simplifies
writing and acting upon incoming webhooks.

Awh splits webhook handling into _validating_ and _executing_. You must register
both validator and executor to handle webhooks. These are simple functions which
accept a request parameter containing incoming request data. Additionaly they
receive a dictionary which is filled with arbitrary data by response manipulator
(a function decorated with `` decorator). Many validators and executors
(for many different webhooks) can be registered. Any validator returning `True`
marks webhook as correct.

You can also affect application's response by registering a separate function
accepting incoming request and to-be-modified response parameter.

Simple application would look like this:

import json
import subprocess

from awh import Awh
from awh.operate import require, jsonpath

app = Awh()

def valid(request, data_dict):
payload = request.get_data(as_text=True)
j = json.loads(payload)

# validate incoming json somehow
require(jsonpath(j, 'password')[0].value == 'secretpass')
require(data_dict.get('foo') == 'bar')
return True

def execute(request, data_dict):'deploy-app')
def myapp(request, response, data_dict):
response.status_code = 404
data_dict['foo'] == 'bar'

For additional examples, see link:tests/apps[tests/apps].

== Deployment

In <<example-app>>, `app` is a WSGI application, which implements its interface
(i.e. a function accepting `environ` and `start_response` parameters). You
should point it to your WSGI server.

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