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Sign your request to invoke Amazon API Gateway REST API Endpoint with Signature Version 4

Project description

# aws-signv4-apigateway

Sign your request to invoke Amazon API Gateway REST API Endpoint with Signature Version 4.

Current limitation of this tool: * Support receiving AWS credentials via OS environment variables only. * Invoke Amazon API Gateway REST API in ap-southeast-1 region only.

## Requirements

## Installation

There are multiple ways to install this tool. This section will explain to you the options available:

### Using

The easiest way is to use []( Just download []( to your local machine, add executable permission, and run it! `bash $ curl -o ~/Downloads/install-aws-signv4-apigateway $ chmod +x ~/Downloads/install-aws-signv4-apigateway $ ~/Downloads/install-aws-signv4-apigateway ` []( will: 1. Find your Python3 2. Find your Virtualenv 3. Create a new directory at ~/.aws-signv4-apigateway 4. Create a new virtual environment at the directory 5. Install this tool to the virtual environment 6. Add ~/.aws-signv4-apigateway/bin to your PATH by modifying ~/.bashrc file

### Using pip

You can use pip and virtualenv. Create a new virtual environment, then activate the environment and use this command to install: `bash $ pip install aws-signv4-apigateway `

Or you can do it without virtualenv. sudo most likely be required: `bash $ sudo pip install aws-signv4-apigateway `

## Getting Started

Before using this tool, make sure you set AWS Credentials on your OS Environment Variables: * AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID * AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY * AWS_SESSION_TOKEN (if you are using temporary credentials such as IAM Role)

`bash $ export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=your_access_key_id $ export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=your_secret_access_key `

After that, you can use this tool: `bash $ aws-signv4-apigateway <rest-api-endpoint> `

Or you can use it with tools to assume role like [awsudo]( `bash $ awsudo -u PROFILE_NAME -- aws-signv4-apigateway <rest-api-endpoint> `

## Author

## License

Apache 2 Licensed. See [LICENSE](LICENSE) for full details.

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