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Python3 classes and functions to execute common AWS operations.

Project description


Python3 classes and functions to execute common AWS operations.

Usage Example

"""Read secret string from AWS Secrets Manager."""
import aws_snippets

# secret_string = aws_snippets.readsecret('<secret-ID>')
secret_string = aws_snippets.readsecret('dkfjh765-sdfsf456-dfgd')

# Output: "I'm Batman!"

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Python Commands:

import aws_snippets

BASH Commands:

python -c 'import aws_snippets; help(aws_snippets)'


Help on package aws_snippets:

   aws_snippets - Execute AWS operations.



   class WriteLog(builtins.object)
   |  WriteLog(text)
   |  Create JSON log object for CloudWatch.
   |  # Import modules.
   |  import json
   |  from aws_snippets import WriteLog
   |  # Initiate with empty dictionary.
   |  logger = WriteLog({})
   |  # Collect entries to log.
   |  logger.log('<strkey>', '<value>')
   |  logger.log('<intkey>', <value>)
   |  logger.log('<boolkey>', <True/False>)
   |  # Print out to CloudWatch as accumulated log.
   |  print(json.dumps(logger.text))
   |  Methods defined here:
   |  __init__(self, text)
   |      Initialize log content.
   |  log(self, key, value)
   |      Update log content.
   |  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
   |  Data descriptors defined here:
   |  __dict__
   |      dictionary for instance variables (if defined)
   |  __weakref__
   |      list of weak references to the object (if defined)

   b64encode(cleartext: str, encoding: str = 'latin-1') -> str
      Encode strings using Base64.

      return str

   cfpurge(cf_dist: str, path: str, call_ref: str) -> dict
      Create Amazon CloudFront cache invalidation.

      return dict

   cleantmp(tmppath: str) -> None
      Clean Lambda /tmp path.

      return None

   dynamodbcreatetable(table: str, attrdictls: list, schemadictls: list, kmsid: str, tagdictls: list) -> None
      Create a table in DynamoDB.

      return None

   dynamodbdeleteallitems(table: str) -> None
      Delete all items from a DynamoDB table.

      return None

   dynamodbdeletetable(table: str) -> None
      Delete a table from DynamoDB.

      return None

   dynamodbgetitem(table: str, key: str, value: str) -> dict
      Get a single item from DynamoDB.

      return dict

   dynamodbputitem(table: str, itemdict: dict) -> None
      Put a single item into DynamoDB.

      return None

   dynamodbqueryitems(table: str, key: str, value: str) -> dict
      Get items based on keyword query from DynamoDB.

      return dict

   dynamodbscanallitems(table: str) -> dict
      Get all items from a table in DynamoDB.

      return dict

   dynamodbscanitems(table: str, key: str, value: str, patternexp: dict) -> dict
      Get all items from a DynamoDB table then filter by expression.

      return dict

   dynamodbupdateitem(table: str, keydict: dict, attributedict: dict, valuedict: dict, updateexpression: str) -> dict
      Update an item in a DynamoDB table.

      return dict

   httpget(url: str, headers: dict = {}, encoding: str = 'latin-1') -> dict
      Make HTTP requests using GET method.

      return dict

   httppost(url: str, headers: dict = {}, data: dict = {}, encoding: str = 'latin-1') -> str
      Make HTTP requests using POST method.

      return str

   kmsdecrypt(ciphertext: str, kmsid: str) -> str
      Decrypt strings using AWS KMS.

      return str

   kmsencrypt(cleartext: str, kmsid: str) -> str
      Encrypt strings using AWS KMS.

      return str

   randomize(length: int, punctuations: bool = False) -> str
      Create random strings.

      return str

   readsecret(id: str) -> str
      Read secret values in AWS Secrets Manager.

      return str

   sanitizerclean(input: str) -> str
      Sanitize input items.

      return str

   sanitizercleanlist(input: list, pattern: str) -> list
      Sanitize input list.

      return list

   sanitizercleanurl(url: str) -> str
      Sanitize input URLs.

      return str

   sanitizercleanurllist(input: list, pattern: str) -> list
      Sanitize input list.

      return list

   sanitizervalidate(input: str, pattern: str) -> bool
      Validate input items to RegEx patterns.

      return bool

   sanitizervalidatelist(input: list) -> bool
      Validate input list.

      return bool

   sha3512hash(clrtxt: str, condiments: str, encoding: str = 'latin-1') -> str
      Hash strings using SHA3_512 algorithm.

      return str

   snsnotify(topic: str, message: str, subject: str) -> None
      Send AWS SNS notifications.

      return None

   sqsmessage(queue_url: str, message: dict) -> dict
      Send messages into AWS SQS queues.

      return dict

   Union = typing.Union
      Union type; Union[X, Y] means either X or Y.

      To define a union, use e.g. Union[int, str].  Details:
      - The arguments must be types and there must be at least one.
      - None as an argument is a special case and is replaced by
      - Unions of unions are flattened, e.g.::

            Union[Union[int, str], float] == Union[int, str, float]

      - Unions of a single argument vanish, e.g.::

            Union[int] == int  # The constructor actually returns int

      - Redundant arguments are skipped, e.g.::

            Union[int, str, int] == Union[int, str]

      - When comparing unions, the argument order is ignored, e.g.::

            Union[int, str] == Union[str, int]

      - You cannot subclass or instantiate a union.
      - You can use Optional[X] as a shorthand for Union[X, None].



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