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A tool for detecting resources running on your AWS cloud environment but not provisioned through Terraform

Project description



Casper is a tool for detecting ghosts running on your AWS cloud environment. Ghosts are resources running on your cloud environment but not provisioned through infrastructure as code (IaC) tools such as Terraform. Casper currently works only with AWS and Terraform.


Some of the benefits Casper provides includes:

  • Security and resource management: Ghosts in your infrastructure can be a sign of a security exploit because the resources were not provisioned through the traditional means used in your organization.

  • Coverage: It would help to measure coverage for an organization gradually using Terraform to provision their AWS infrastructure. Running Casper on an empty terraform state directory would detect all the (supported) resources in your cloud as ghosts. Then you can gradually import those resources to terraform and improve coverage.


Install Casper by running:

pip install aws-terraform-casper


Run Casper using:

casper <sub_command> [options]

Casper currently has two subcommands: BUILD and SCAN.

Subcommand Description
build Collects and stores information about the infrastructure captured in terraform.
scan Compares the resources on terraform with that running in the cloud.

Casper currently supports the following options:

Options Description
-h, --help Display help message and exit
--root-dir The root terraform directory
--aws-profile AWS profile to use. If not set, uses the value in AWS_PROFILE environment variable
--bucket-name Bucket name created to save and retrieve state. If not set, uses the value in CASPER_BUCKET environment variable
--exclude-dirs Comma separated list of directories to ignore
--exclude-state-res Comma separated list of terraform state resources to ignore
--services Comma separated list of services to scan, the default is to scan all supported services
--exclude-cloud-res Comma separated list of cloud resources ids to ignore
--rebuild Rebuild and save state first before scanning
--detailed Retrieve and include details about the resources discovered through scan
--output-file Output detailed result to specified file
--loglevel Log level. Defaults to INFO if unspecified

Refer to the usage guide for examples, results format and how to use Casper from your code.


Contributions to the development of Casper is very much welcome. Please refer to for details on ways to contribute.


Mozilla Public License v2.0

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