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Wrapper for AWS CLI v2

Project description

AWS CLI v2 for Python

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Wrapper for AWS CLI v2.

Before you start

  • This is not an official AWS CLI v2 application, rant there
  • Check the source code of this app, as you are working with sensitive data
  • By default this app uses amazon/aws-cli Docker image
  • To use binaries for your OS, run awsv2 --install
  • Cross-check the source code again, probably I want to steal your credentials


python -m pip install awscliv2

You can add an alias to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc to use it as a regular AWS CLI v2

alias aws='awsv2'


From command line

Install AWS CLI v2:

# do not worry if this fails, you can still use awsv2 if you have docker installed
awsv2 --install

Configure default profile if needed:


# --configure <profile_name> <aws_access_key_id> <aws_secret_access_key> [<aws_session_token>]
awsv2 --configure default ${AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID} ${AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY}
awsv2 configure set region us-west-1

Use AWS CLI as usual:

# alias for
# docker run --rm -i -v ~/.aws:/root/.aws -v $(pwd):/aws amazon/aws-cli $@
awsv2 s3 ls

# or as a python module
python -m awscliv2 s3 ls

Also, you can check scripts/

Docker fallback

Unless you run awsv2 --install once, application will use amazon/aws-cli Docker image. The image is not ideal, and it uses root user, so fix downloaded file permissions manually. Or just run awsv2 --install

Update it with docker pull amazon/aws-cli.

Container uses two volumes:

  • $HOME/.aws -> /root/.aws - credentials and config store
  • $(cwd) -> /aws - Docker image workdir

Extra commands

awscliv2 contains a few commands to make your life easier, especially in CI or any non-TTY environment.

  • awsv2 -U/--update/--install - Install AWS CLI v2
  • awsv2 --configure <profile_name> <aws_access_key_id> <aws_secret_access_key> [<aws_session_token>] [<region>] - set profile in ~/.aws/credentials
  • awsv2 --assume-role <profile_name> <source_profile> <role_arn> - create a new profile with assume role credentials
  • awsv2 -V/--version - Output awscliv2 and AWS CLI v2 versions

As a Python module

Basic usage

from awscliv2.api import AWSAPI
from awscliv2.exceptions import AWSCLIError

aws_api = AWSAPI()

    output = aws_api.execute(["s3", "ls"])
except AWSCLIError as e:
    print(f"Something went wrong: {e}")

Install binaries for your OS from Python

from awscliv2.installers import install_multiplatform


You can also set credentials or assume roles

from awscliv2.api import AWSAPI

aws_api = AWSAPI()

aws_api.set_credentials("profile_name", "access_key", "secret_key", "", "region")
aws_api.assume_role("name", "source_profile", "role_arn")


  • Install poetry
  • Run poetry install
  • Use black formatter in your IDE

How to help

  • Ping AWS team to release an official PyPI package
  • Share your experience in issues


awscliv2 version follows PEP 440.

Latest changes

Full changelog can be found in Releases.

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