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awsdeepracer_control is a rewrite python package for control the DeepRacer vehicle via HTTP API.

Project description


This python package rewrite to support the new version Deepracer Console Software version 2.0.383.0

What's New

  • Compatibility with Deepracer Console Software version 2.0.383.0.
  • Resolved the issue where the video stream was not displayed.
  • Updated the move method to support the new version of the web console.
  • Removed the following methods: move_forward, move_backward, turn_right, turn_left.
  • Added robust error handling for scenarios like unreachable vehicle, inaccessible CSRF token, and incorrect credentials.
  • Enhanced security checks in API calls to ensure the accuracy of success statuses.
  • Addressed potential Python identifier issues, such as replacing null with None.

Package Repo Link

Package Pypi Link


High level methods

  • show_vehicle_info
  • move

General purpose methods

  • get_is_usb_connected
  • get_battery_level
  • get_raw_video_stream

Methods for running autonomous mode

  • set_autonomous_mode
  • set_throttle_percent

methods for running manual mode

  • set_manual_mode
  • start_car
  • stop_car
  • move

methods for models

  • get_models
  • get_uploaded_models
  • load_model
  • upload_model

methods for calibration

  • set_calibration_mode
  • get_calibration_angle
  • get_calibration_throttle
  • set_calibration_throttle
  • set_calibration_angle


pip install awsdeepracer_control

Getting Started

Show vehicle info

import awsdeepracer_control

client = awsdeepracer_control.Client(password="???", ip="111.222.333.444")


This repo is rewrite from :

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awsdeepracer_control-0.2.0.tar.gz (5.1 kB view hashes)

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