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Forward systemd journal logs to cloudwatch

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Forward systemd journal logs to CloudWatch.

A log forwarder daemon similar to Amazon’s awslogs agent, but using per systemd unit journal output instead of text log files.


Use your system package manager to install systemd Python 3 binding. The required package is named python3-systemd both in Ubuntu and Fedora:

dnf install python3-systemd

If on Ubuntu, install python3-venv too:

apt install python3-venv

Create dedicated virtualenv for awslogs-sd:

python3 -m venv --system-site-packages /opt/awslogs-sd
/opt/awslogs-sd/bin/pip install wheel

And finally:

/opt/awslogs-sd/bin/pip install awslogs-sd

Daemon binary will be available under /opt/awslogs-sd/bin/awslogs-sd.

AWS setup

Similarly to Amazon’s awslogs, awslogs-sd requires an IAM policy attached to EC2 instance. Configuration is the same as in Amazon awslogs documentation.


awslogs-sd requires path to configuration file as a positional argument.

You can use --logging-conf to pass optional YAML logging configuration in dictConfig format. See Python logging documentation. Following loggers can be configured:

  • awslogs: main daemon logger

  • metrics: daemon statistics printed at INFO level every 10 seconds


Configuration file uses ini format and is designed to be similar to Amazon awslogs configuration.

There are two main ini sections general and include. Every other section has arbitrary name and contains a single systemd unit configuration.


Following option is required:

  • state_file: path to daemon database. Must be in persistent storage.


state_file = /var/lib/awslogs-sd/state


Optional section with a single option:

  • path: an Unix glob pattern to specify locations of additional configuration files to load and merge with main one. Used mostly to support popular conf.d drop-in pattern.


path = /etc/awslogs-sd.conf.d/*.conf

Unit sections


unit = httpd.service
priority = ERR
syslog_ident = httpd_error
syslog_facility = local1
log_group_name = httpd-access
log_stream_name = {instance_id}

Following options are supported:

  • unit (required): systemd unit name

  • log_group_name (required): destination CloudWatch log group

  • log_stream_name (required): CloudWatch stream name inside group; support basic variable interpolation (see below)

  • priority: minimum journal priority to match (default: INFO). See Arch wiki.

  • format: output log format, one of text or json (default: text)

  • datetime_format: datetime format in strftime format if text output is used (default: %b %d %H:%M:%S)

  • syslog_ident: match by syslog ident (aka “tag”) if syslog transport is used

  • syslog_facility: match by syslog facility if syslog transport is used

Stream name variables

Stream names support variable interpolation with {var} syntax. Following variables are available:

  • instance_id: local EC2 instance id

  • hostname: machine hostname

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