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cli tool to create a portable/workstation compatible version of awx/tower inventories

Project description


Quick and dirty way to make a workstation portable version of your awx/ansible tower inventories

To Install


pip install -U awx-exporter

or alternately

python3 -m pip install -U awx-exporter

How to Use

Assuming your PATH is set up correctly, it should be accessible from the command line by typing awx-export

 usage: [-h] [-u USERNAME] [-p [PASSWORD]] [-f] [-s] [-i INVENTORY_FILE_NAME]
                        [-k] [--show_token] Host [TOKEN]

  Quick and dirty way to make a portable workstation version of your awx/ansible tower

 positional arguments:
   Host                  the fully qualified domain name of your awx/tower instance
   TOKEN                 an authentication token for your awx/tower instance, can be readonly  

 optional arguments:
   -h, --help            show this help message and exit

   -u USERNAME, --username USERNAME
                         use with -p if you can't or won't use a token

   -p [PASSWORD], --password [PASSWORD]
                         hidden password prompt

   -f, --force           overwrite existing files

   -s                    if set, will create a separate inventory file for each one present on
                         the awx/tower instance, otherwise all inventories will be treated as 
                         groups and placed in the same file

   -i INVENTORY_FILE_NAME, --inventory_file_name INVENTORY_FILE_NAME
                         the name for the newly generated inventory file, does nothing if used 
                         with -s, defaults to awx_hosts

   -k                    skips ssl verification, use with caution

   --show_token          Use in combination with username/password authentication if you want to 
                         have the utility print the authentication token to STDOUT after obtaining it

Authentication Methods


If you have a token already you can just provide it inline eg:

awx-export MY_TOKEN


If you don't have a token and can't get one or just cant be bothered, you can always authenticate with username/password. If you use -p but don't provide the password inline you will be prompted with a (usually) hidden input eg:

awx-export -u 420_blazeit_69 --password my_amazing_password or awx-export --username 420_blazeit_69 -p Password:



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