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Python events handling, C# style

Project description

Axel is a very small Python library inspired by C# events that allows an easy and elegant events handling.


from axel import Event

event = Event()
def on_event(*args, **kwargs):
    return (args, kwargs)

event += on_event                     #handler registration
print(event(10, 20, y=30))
>> ((True, ((10, 20), {'y': 30}), <function on_event at 0x00BAA270>),)

event -= on_event                     #handler is unregistered
print(event(10, 20, y=30))
>> None

class Mouse(object):
    def __init__(self): = Event(self) += self.on_click   #handler registration

    def on_click(self, sender, *args, **kwargs):
        assert isinstance(sender, Mouse), 'Wrong sender'
        return (args, kwargs)

mouse = Mouse()
print(, 20))
>> ((True, ((10, 20), {}),
>>  <bound method Mouse.on_click of <__main__.Mouse object at ...>>),) -= mouse.on_click         #handler is unregistered
print(, 20))
>> None


- handlers can receive the sender as their first argument
- handlers can be executed in the same or separate threads
- handlers may be executed synchronous or asynchronous
- handlers execution may be synchronized on a lock
- the time allocated for the execution of a handler is controllable
- the number of actively executed handlers at one time is controllable
- the execution result of a handler can be cached
- the result of the execution is provided as a tuple ((flag, result, handler),)
- in case of error, the traceback may be provided for each handler in error


Erwin Mayer <traderwin at gmail dot com>
Rob van der Most <Rob at rmsoft dot nl>

Please see the documentation:

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