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An Azure DevOps cli tool

Project description

AzDevOps CLI

License: MIT Pypi

I.Continuous integration

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This project is used to update all selected repositories in one single script define by a config.yml file. The python script will automatically clone the repositories, modify it and propose a pull request on each repository inside Azure DevOps.

III. Getting Started

Create a dev environment for the project:

python3 -m venv .venv

Activate the dev environment for Linux:

source .venv/bin/activate

Activate the dev environment for Windows:


Install python packages for the project:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Save the packages used in the project into the requirements.txt:

pip freeze > requirements.txt

Export credentials as environment variable to be able to run the API calls:

export AZDEVOPS_ORGANIZATION_URL='<your_azure_devops_organisation_url>'
export AZDEVOPS_PAT_TOKEN='<your_pat>'

IV - Models generation

Transform the config.yml into json with this website for instance:

Then copy the generated json and paste it inside this other website:

Choose default settings with the Python language.

V - Install locally for testing only

python3 -m pip install --editable .

VI - Run the CLI

azdevops repo-updater run --configuration-file <path-to>/config.yml -o <output-path>
azdevops release-manager changelog -p <your-project-path> -o <output-path>

VII - Unit tests

Run unit tests:

python3 -m unittest


coverage run -m unittest discover

Generate covrage locally

coverage report

Generate a changelog

azdevops release-manager changelog (-p <project-path>) (-o <output>)

Using Docker:

docker run -v $(Build.SourcesDirectory):/app \ 
           -t aichehda/azdevops-cli:latest \
                   release-manager changelog \
                   (-p <project-path>) \
                   (-o <output>) \

Generate a summary

azdevops release-manager summary -pn <project-name> (-r <regex>)

azdevops release-manager summary -pn 'MyProject' -r '^digital(.*)_apply'

Using Docker:

docker run -v $(Build.SourcesDirectory):/app \ 
           -t aichehda/azdevops-cli:latest \
                   release-manager summary \
                   -r '^digital(.*)_apply' \
                   -pn MyProject \
                   (-p <project-path>) \
                   (-o <output>) \

Generate manifest

azdevops release-manager manifest -an <application-name>

Using Docker on Azure DevOps:

docker run  -v $(Build.SourcesDirectory):/app \
                -e BUILD_BUILDID=$BUILD_BUILDID \
                -t aichehda/azdevops-cli:latest \
                        release-manager manifest \
                        -an my_app
                        (-p <project-path>) \
                        (-o <output>) \

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