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Keep track of your work hours. Add, delete, update records. Export and print at the end of the month!

Project description

SUSE Apprentices Timesheets made easy


  • If you just want to start right away: pip install azubi-timesheet
  • Development mode:
    1. git clone; cd azubi-timesheet
    2. pip install -e .

Contributions are welcome

  • Subcommand export should accept date without day, like this -d 10.2019
  • Possibility to add more days with one command for vacation, etc.
  • Raise exceptions in and catch them in main, instead of exiting the program
  • Reformat code with black:
  • Implement working hours carryover(Stundenübertrag)
  • Update: early implementation does the job, but it can't extract the value from previous month unless: you exported the previous month already AND opened the previous xlsx file AND Ctrl+S to save it, so that the calculated values of all formulas are saved. Not quite ideal.
  • Better separate the main script ( from a module (
  • Adding "special" days like: vacation, school; only date and comment needed for that
  • Method to fill in records from json file to xlsx exported file
  • Method to create file names like timesheet_2019_10.json timesheet_2019_10.xlsx and implement where needed
  • Method to load specific json files of the given date's month and year

How it looks like

Main help message

azubi-timesheet --help
usage: azubi-timesheet [-V] [-n] <SUBCOMMAND> ...

Keep track of your work hours. Add, delete, update records. Export and print
at the end of the month!

global arguments:
  -V, --version         show program's version number and exit
  -n, --non-interactive
                        do not ask anything, use default answers automatically

available subcommands:
    add                 add a new record
    update              update an existing record
    delete              delete an existing record
    export              export records as .xlsx file
    config              configure the app with key=value pairs

Type <SUBCOMMAND> --help for more info.

Subcommand help message

azubi-timesheet add --help
usage: azubi-timesheet add [-d DD.MM.YYYY] [-w HH:MM-HH:MM] [-b HH:MM-HH:MM]
                           [-c COMMENT] [-s]

Add a new record.

optional arguments:
  -d DD.MM.YYYY, --date DD.MM.YYYY
                        date of the record
  -w HH:MM-HH:MM, --work-hours HH:MM-HH:MM
                        begin and end time of the work day
  -b HH:MM-HH:MM, --break-time HH:MM-HH:MM
                        begin and end time of the break
  -c COMMENT, --comment COMMENT
                        comment of the record, if needed
  -s, --special-record  special records only need a date and a comment


  • add creates a new json string and appends it to the list add --date 07.10.2019 --work-hours 09:00-17:30 --break-time 12:00-12:30
  • add -s adds special records like school, vacation, sick leave, where --work-hours or --break_time are not necessary --non-interactive add --date 09.10.2019 --comment "Berufsschule" --special-record
  • update finds record, updates it with the given data update --date 07.10.2019 --work-hours 10:00-18:30 --break-time 13:00-13:30
  • delete removes record with given date delete --date 07.10.2019
  • export creates an xlsx document from the given date's month and year; day is not relevant but unfortunately still necessary export --date 01.12.2019
  • config lets you enter your name, choose where to save your records and exported documents config --set "name=Elisei Roca" config --list
name =
records_dir = /home/eroca/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/azubi_timesheet-0.9.0-py3.6.egg/azubi_timesheet/data/records
exports_dir = /home/eroca/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/azubi_timesheet-0.9.0-py3.6.egg/azubi_timesheet/data/exports
name = Elisei Roca
exports_dir = /home/eroca/Documents/SUSE_Timesheets
records_dir =

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