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Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools Bot Services Command Module

Project description

Microsoft Azure CLI ‘bot service’ Command Module

This package is for the ‘bot service’ module. i.e. ‘az botservice’

Release History


  • [Breaking Change]: az bot create -v v4 -k webapp now creates an empty Web App Bot by default (i.e. no bot is deployed to the App Service).
    • To use the Echo Bot template that was always deployed in the past, use the new –echo flag when creating a v4 Web App Bot.

    • v3 bot creation does not support using the –echo flag.

  • [Breaking Change]: The default value for –version is now v4, not v3 (except for az bot prepare-publish).

  • [Breaking Change]: –lang no longer defaults to Csharp. If the command requires –lang and it is not provided, the command will error out.

  • [Breaking Change]: The –appid and –password args for az bot create are now required and can be created via az ad app create.
    • Add –appid and –password validations

  • [Breaking Change]: az bot create -v v4 does not create or use a Storage Account or Application Insights.

  • [Breaking Change]: Instead of mapping Application Insights regions for az bot create -v v3, the command only accepts regions where Application Insights is creatable.

  • [Breaking Change]: az bot update is no longer a generic update command, but instead can affect specific properties of a bot.

  • [Breaking Change]: All –lang flags now accept Javascript instead of Node. Node as a –lang value is no longer supported.

  • [Breaking Change]: az bot create -v v4 -k webapp no longer sets SCM_DO_BUILD_DURING_DEPLOYMENT to true. All deployments through Kudu will act according to their default behavior.

  • az bot download for bots without .bot files now create the language-specific configuration file with values from the Application Settings for the bot.

  • Add Typescript support to az bot prepare-deploy

  • Add warning message to az bot prepare-deploy for Javascript and Typescript bots.
    • This message only appears if the –code-dir doesn’t contain a package.json.

  • az bot prepare-deploy returns true if successful and has helpful verbose logging.

  • Add more available Application Insights regions to az bot create -v v3


  • Minor fixes


  • Add az bot prepare-deploy to prepare for deploying bots via az webapp

  • Have az bot create –kind registration show password if the password is not provided

  • Have –endpoint in az bot create –kind registration default empty string instead of being required


  • Add “SCM_DO_BUILD_DURING_DEPLOYMENT” to ARM template’s Application Settings for v4 Web App Bots

  • Add “Microsoft-BotFramework-AppId” and “Microsoft-BotFramework-AppPassword” to ARM template’s Application Settings for v4 Web App Bots

  • Remove single quotes from az bot publish command output at end of az bot create

  • Use async zipdeploy API for deploying bots via az bot publish


  • Suppress latest botservice (0.4.3) extension, this functionality has been rolled into the core CLI


  • Improve UX around az bot publish

  • Add warning for timeouts when running npm install during az bot publish

  • Remove invalid char “.” from –name in az bot create

  • Stop randomizing resource names when creating Azure Storage, App Service Plan, Function/Web App and Application Insights

  • Code cleanup in BotTemplateDeployer

  • Deprecate –proj-name argument for –proj-file-path

  • Update old –proj-file messages to instead use –proj-file-path

  • az bot publish now removes fetched IIS Node.js deployment files if they did not already exist * The command does not remove any local IIS Node.js files if detected when command is initiated.

  • Add –keep-node-modules to az bot publish to not delete node_modules folder on App Service

  • Add “publishCommand” key-value pair to output from az bot create when creating an Azure Function or Web App bot. * The value of “publishCommand” is an az bot publish command prepopulated with the required parameters to publish the newly created bot.

  • Update “WEBSITE_NODE_DEFAULT_VERSION” in ARM template for v4 SDK bots to use 10.14.1 instead of 8.9.4


  • Minor fixes


  • Add deployment status updates to az bot create


  • Add support for .bot file parsing when calling az bot show

  • Fix AppInsights provisioning bug

  • Fix whitespace bug when dealing with file paths

  • Reduce Kudu network calls

  • Additional UX improvements


  • Major refactoring

  • Improvements to test coverage


  • Minor fixes


  • Initial Bot Service CLI Release

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