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Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools VM Command Module

Project description

Microsoft Azure CLI ‘vm’ Command Module

This package is for the ‘vm’ module. i.e. ‘az vm’

Release History


  • [New Command Group]. image template: added image builder support via image template. These commands are in preview.


  • vm create: can now create a vm from a managed image with data-disk luns that do not start from 0 or that skip numbers. Does not assume data-disk lun from the number of data disks in source managed image.


  • vm create: Added –computer-name for setting a vm’s computer name.

  • vm/vmss create: –ssh-key-value renamed to –ssh-key-values and can now accept multiple ssh public key values or paths. Note: this is not a breaking change. –ssh-key-value will be parsed correctly as it matches only –ssh-key-values

  • ppg create: –type, the proximity placement group type, is now optional.


  • vmss update: add –protect-from-scale-in and –protect-from-scale-set-actions to enable updates to the protection policy of VMSS VM instances.

  • vmss update: add –instance-id to enable generic update of VMSS VM instances.

  • vmss wait: add –instance-id.

  • [new command group] ppg: add ppg create / delete / list / show / update for managing Proximity Placement Groups.

  • ppg: add –ppg to vm create, vmss create and vm availability-set create

  • image create: expose –hyper-v-generation parameter.


  • vm/vmss stop: expose –skip-shutdown. If used, the VM will be powered-off without shutting down. This is helpful if a VM crashes and/or cannot properly shutdown.

  • sig image-version create: expose –storage-account-type. Can now set the publishing profile’s general storage account type to Standard_LRS or Standard_ZRS

  • sig image-version create: –target-regions updated to allow for setting region-specific storage account types


  • Minor fixes


  • Added image update command.


  • vm create: Fixed issue where –accelerated-networking was not enabled by default for Ubuntu 18.0.


  • vm list-skus: Allow use of –all in place of –all true

  • Add vmss run-command [invoke / list / show]

  • vmss encryption enable: Fixed bug where command fails if it was ran previously.

  • Moving az identity command tree to azure-cli-role.


  • Minor fixes


  • vm encryption enable: now validates –disk encryption keyvault and that key encryption keyvault exists, in line with vmss encryption enable. Exposes –force. For more info: see issues #8111 and #8110


  • ‘vm disk/unmanaged-disk’ and ‘vmss disk’: parameter options are more consistent.

  • vm/vmss create: support cross tenant image referencing.

  • vm diagnostics get-default-config –windows-os: fix bug in windows os default config.

  • vmss extension set: expose –provision-after-extensions. It defines what extensions must be provisioned before the extension being set.

  • sig image-version update: expose –replica-count for setting the default replication count.


  • disk create: expose –os-type parameter.

  • image create –source: fixed bug where source os disk is mistaken for a VM with the same name, even if the full resource ID is provided.


  • vm identity remove: does not crash if the specified vm has no assigned managed service identities.


  • vm extension show / wait: deprecated –expand parameter.

  • vm restart: Added –force which redeploys unresponsive VMs.

  • vm/vmss create: –authentication-type now accepts/infers “all” to create a VM with both password and ssh authentication.

  • image create: Added –os-disk-caching parameter to set os disk caching for an image.


  • vm/vmss create –storage-sku: can now specify the storage account sku for managed os and data disks separately.

  • sig image-version: Version names now consistently specified by –image-version -e. –image-version-name deprecated.

  • vm/vmss create –ephemeral-os-disk: exposed parameter to create a vm/vmss with a local os disk.

  • snapshot create/update: Added support for –no-wait.

  • snapshot: Added wait command.

  • vm/vmss extension set –extension-instance-name: can now specify the instance name of an extension.


  • image create: expose storage-sku argument for setting the image’s default storage account type

  • vm resize: fix bug where –no-wait option causes command to crash

  • vm encryption show: table output format shows status

  • vm secret format: requires json/jsonc output. Warns user and defaults to json output if an undesired output format is selected.

  • vm create –image: improved validation of image argument


  • vm/vmss create: enforce disk caching mode be None for Lv/Lv2 series of machines

  • vm create: update supported size list supporting networking accelerator

  • disk update: expose strong typed arguments for ultrassd iops and mbps configs


  • Fix SDK issue that caused Homebrew installation to fail.


  • az disk grant-access: fix the empty “accessSas” field

  • vmss create: reserve large enough frontend port range to handle overprovisioning

  • az sig: fix update commands, support –no-wait on managing image versions

  • vm list-ip-addresses: now shows availability zone of public IP addresses.

  • az vmvmss disk attach: default disk’s lun to the first available spot


  • support shared image gallery through az sig.


  • vm/vmss identity show: exception handling to exit with code 3 upon a missing resource for consistency

  • vm create: deprecate –storage-caching option.


  • vm list-skus: add a few common filters to make the command easier to use


  • availability set: support list by subscription

  • vm/vmss: support StandardSSD_LRS

  • vm/vmss: support application security group on creating VM scale set

  • BREAKING CHANGE: vm/vmss create, vm/vmss identity assign/remove will output user assigned identities

    in dictionary format

  • Consuming multi api azure.mgmt.authorization package for azure stack support


  • BREAKING CHANGE: update vmss create to use Standard_DS1_v2 as the default instance size

  • BREAKING CHANGE: ‘show’ commands log error message and fail with exit code of 3 upon a missing resource.

  • vm/vmss extension set/delete: Added –no-wait support.

  • Added vm extension wait.


  • msi: support removing system assigned identity


  • vm create: refine vm size check for accelerated networking support

  • vmss create: warn about the default vm size will be switched from “Standard_D1_v2” to “Standard_DS1_v2”

  • vm/vmss extension set: Expose –force-update flag to update the extension even when the configuration has not changed.


  • vm list-skus: make sure we have fixed columns; warn about Tier and “Size” columns will be removed

  • vm create: support –accelerated-networking

  • vm/vmss extension image list: absorb 404 when an image type is not found

  • identity create: support –tags


  • BREAKING CHANGE: remove –write-accelerator from vm create. The same support

    can be accessed through vm update or vm disk attach

  • vm/vmss extension: fix an incorrect extension image matching logic

  • vm create: expose –boot-diagnostics-storage to capture boot log

  • vm/vmss update: expose –license-type

  • vm/vmss: use PATCH for updating identities


  • vm: fix an invalid detection logic on unmanaged blob uri

  • vm: support disk encryption w/o user provided service principals

  • BREAKING CHANGE: do not use VM ‘ManagedIdentityExtension’ for MSI support

  • vmss: support eviction policy

  • BREAKING CHANGE: remove erroneous argument of ids from vm extension list,

    vm secret list, vm unmanaged-disk list and vmss nic list

  • vm: support write accelerator

  • vmss: expose az vmss perform-maintenance

  • vm diagnostics set: detect VM’s OS type reliably

  • vm resize: check if the requested size is different than currently set and update only on change


  • vmss create: support to configure platform fault domain count

  • vmss create: default to Standard LB for zonal, large or single-placement-group disabled scale-set

  • BREAKING CHANGE: vm assign-identity, vm remove-identity: Deprecated commands have been removed.

  • BREAKING CHANGE: vm format-secret: Deprecated command has been removed.

  • vm create: support configure Public-IP sku

  • vm create: support configure Public-IP SKU

  • vm secret format: Added extra validation. Added –keyvault and –resource-group to support scenarios

    where the command is unable to resolve the vault ID. [#5718](

  • vm/vmss create: emit out a better error if resource group’s location has no zone support

  • sdist is now compatible with wheel 0.31.0


  • vmss create: warn on upcoming breaking changes on default balancer for scaleset with 100+ instances

  • vm snapshot/image: support zone resilient

  • vmss: report better encryption status through disk instance view

  • BC: az vm extension delete no longer returns output as expected for a delete command.


  • vm/vmss create: support to attach unmanaged data disks and configure their caching modes

  • vm/vmss: author managed identity commands identity assign/remove/show, and deprecate assign-identity/remove-identity

  • vmss create: default priority to None

  • Support Autorest 3.0 based SDKs


  • vmss instance update: support attach/detach disks on an individual instance

  • Support Autorest 3.0 based SDKs


  • vm encryption: avoid the crash when vm encryption setting might not be fully initialized

  • msi: output principal id on enabling system assigned identity

  • vm boot-diagnostic: fix the broken get log command


  • vm image: support accept market terms to use vm images

  • vm/vmss create: ensure commands can run under proxy with unsigned certificates.

  • vmss:(PREVIEW) support low priority

  • vm/vmss create - –admin-password updated to type secureString.


  • vmss:(PREVIEW) cross zone support

  • vmss:(BREAKING CHANGE)single zone scale-set will default to “Standard” load balancer instead of “Basic”

  • vm/vmss: use right term of “userAssignedIdentity” for EMSI

  • vm: (PREVIEW) support os disk swap

  • vm: support use image from other subscriptions


  • vmss: ensure app-gateway has a name when defaults to it for large scalesets


  • VM/VMSS: (Preview) support user assigned identity


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • show zone information on az vm list-skus -otable

  • Update the storage multiapi package reference


  • vmss create: fix a bug that blocks using Basic tier of VM sizes

  • vm/vmss create: expose plan arguments for using custom images with billing informations

  • vm : support vm secret add/remove/list

  • vm : vm format-secret is copied to vm secret format. The old one will be removed in future

  • Minor fixes.


  • vm encryption enable: expose ‘–encrypt-format’

  • vmss create: expose ‘–accelerated-networking’

2.0.16 (2017-10-09)

  • vm show: fix a bug when using ‘-d’ crashes on missing private ip addresses

  • vmss create: (PREVIEW) support rolling upgrade

  • vm encryption enable: allow updating encryption settings by rerunning the command

  • vm create: expose –os-disk-size-gb

  • vmss create: expose –license-type for windows os

2.0.15 (2017-09-22)

  • vm/vmss/disk create: support availability zone

  • vmss create: Fixed issue where supplying –app-gateway ID would fail.

  • vm create: Added –asgs support.

  • vm run-command: support to run commands on remote VMs

  • vmss encryption: (PREVIEW) support vmss disk encryptions

  • vm perform-maintenance: support to perform maintenance on a vm

2.0.14 (2017-09-11)

  • msi: don’t assign access unless –scope is provided

  • msi: use the same extension naming as portal does

  • msi: remove the useless subscription from the vm/vmss create commands output

  • vm/vmss create: fix a bug that the storage sku is not applied on data disks coming with an image

  • vm format-secret: Fix issue where –secrets would not accept newline-separated IDs.

2.0.13 (2017-08-28)

  • vmss get-instance-view: Fix issue where extra, erroneous information was displayed when using –instance-id *

  • vmss create: Added support for –lb-sku

  • vm/vmss create: remove human names from the admin name blacklist

  • vm/vmss create: fix issue where the command would throw an error if unable to extract plan information from an image.

  • vmss create: fix a crash when create a scaleset with an internal LB

  • vm availability-set create: Fix issue where –no-wait argument did not work.

2.0.12 (2017-08-11)

  • availability-set: expose fault domain count on convert

  • vm: expose ‘az vm list-skus’ command

  • vm/vmss: support to assign identity w/o creating role assignments

  • vm: apply storage sku on attaching data disks

  • vm: remove default os-disk name and storage SKU when using managed disks.

2.0.11 (2017-07-27)

  • vmss: support configuring nsg

  • vmss: fix a bug that dns server is not configured right.

  • vm/vmss: support managed service identity

  • vmss create: Fix issue where creating with existing load balancer required –backend-pool-name.

  • vm image create: make datadisk’s lun start with 0

2.0.10 (2017-07-07)

  • vm/vmss: use newer api-version of “2017-03-30”

  • BC: ‘sku.managed’ is removed from ‘az vm availability-set show’ (use instead)

  • vmss create: add arguments –app-gateway-capacity and –app-gateway-sku.

  • vm/vmss create: if –admin-password is specified for Linux images, automatically will change from SSH authentication to password without needing –authentication-type password explicitly.

  • vm/vmss create: added information statements that can be shown using –debug

  • vm/vmss create: added client-side validation where certain parameters were previously just ignored.

  • vmss create: support public ip per instance, instance custom domain name, custom dns servers

2.0.9 (2017-06-21)

  • vm/vmss: lower thread number used for ‘vm image list –all’ to avoid exceeding the OS opened file limits

  • diagnostics: Fix a typo in default Linux Diagnostic extension config

  • vmss create: fix failure when running with –use-unmanaged-disk

2.0.8 (2017-06-13)

  • vm: support attaching data disks on vm create (#3644)

  • Improve table output for vm/vmss commands: get-instance-view, list, show, list-usage, etc

  • support configuring disk caching on attaching a managed disk (#3513)

  • Support attaching existing data disks on vm create

  • VM/VMSS: fixed an issue with name generation that resulted in the create commands not being idempotent.

2.0.7 (2017-05-09)

  • diagnostics: Fix incorrect Linux diagnostics default config with update for LAD v.3.0 extension

  • disk: support cross subscription blob import

  • disk: add –no-wait flag to disk create, update, and delete.

  • disk: add az disk wait command.

  • BC: disk: add confirmation prompt to az disk delete.

  • vm: support license type on create

  • BC: vm open-port: command always returns the NSG. Previously it returned the NIC or Subnet.

  • vm: fix “vm extension list” crash if the VM has no extensions

  • vmss: update arg description for ‘vmss delete-instances –instance-ids’

  • vmss: hide arg ‘vmss show –ids’, which is not supposed to work because of ‘instance-id’ arg

  • BC: vmss list-instance-connection-info: include instance IDs in the output

  • vm/vmss diagnostics: provide protected settings samples, handle extension major version upgrade, etc.

  • disk/snapshot/image: expose ‘–tags’ in the create command

  • vmss: provides default for ‘–app-gateway-subnet-address-prefix’ when creating a new vnet

  • vm: support configuring disk caching on attaching a managed disk

2.0.6 (2017-05-09)

  • Minor fixes.

2.0.5 (2017-05-05)

  • avail-set: make UD&FD domain counts optional

note: VM commands in sovereign clouds Please avoid managed disk related features, including the following: 1. az disk/snapshot/image 2. az vm/vmss disk 3. Inside “az vm/vmss create”, use “—use-unmanaged-disk” to avoid managed disk Other commands should work

2.0.4 (2017-04-28)

  • vm/vmss: improve the warning text when generates ssh key pairs

2.0.3 (2017-04-17)

  • vm/vmss: support create from a market place image which requires plan info(#1209)

  • Fix bug with vmss update and vm availability-set update

2.0.2 (2017-04-03)

  • vmss: bug fixes on ip address handling (#2683)

  • Fix #2641 (#2670)

  • Update storage dependencies (#2654)

  • vm: fix the bug that missing fallback default using ‘next’ (#2624)

  • [Compute] Add AppGateway support to VMSS create (#2570)

  • [VM/VMSS] Improved disk caching support (#2522)

  • VM/VMSS: incorporate credentials validation logic used by portal (#2537)

  • Add wait commands and –no-wait support (#2524)

  • vm: fix distro check mechanism used by disk encryption (#2511)

  • fixed typo in help text (#2519)

  • [KeyVault] Command fixes (#2474)

  • vm: catch more general exception on querying encryption extension status (#2498)

2.0.1 (2017-03-13)

  • vmss: support * to list instance view across vms (#2467)

  • core: support setting default values for common arguments like default resource group, default web, default vm (#2414)

  • no dynamic completion on vm create name (#2451)

  • VM/VMSS: reuse existing extension instance name on update (#2395)

  • Fix bug in vm show. (#2415)

  • Add –secrets for VM and VMSS (#2212)

  • Allow VM creation with specialized VHD (#2256)

  • vm/vmss: move generate_ssh_keys to ‘Authentication’ group (#2296)

2.0.0 (2017-02-27)

  • GA release

  • Fix vmss list-instance-connection-info naming

  • Snapshot description update

0.1.2rc2 (2017-02-22)

  • VM: fix a casing issue on check os type (#2208)

  • Rev compute package to 0.33.rc1 for new API version (#2136)

  • Change default VM size to Standard_DS1_v2. (#2181)

  • Fix VM names in documentation. (#2183)

0.1.2rc1 (2017-02-17)

  • vm/disk: fix bugs in detach (#2138)

  • Show commands return empty string with exit code 0 for 404 responses (#2117)

  • Disk encryption: Enable/Disable/Show (#2113)

  • vm image: do not normalize casing on blob uri (#2126)

  • vm/av-set: remove domain count defaults (#2111)

  • Move acs commands from vm to acs module (#2098)

  • Fix broken name or ids logic in VM/VMSS Create (#2091)

  • VM list: avoid add None mac addresss (#2059)

  • Use same defaults like portal (#2055)

  • VM: command renaming on ‘access’ related command (#2053)

  • Add –custom-data to VM and VMSS create (#2035)

  • Improve the default logic on the subnets (#2000)

  • Prompts for yes / no use the -y option rather than –force

0.1.1b3 (2017-02-08)

  • VM/VMSS: Managed Disk Support

  • Enhance vm open-port command with –port and –priority parameters.

0.1.1b2 (2017-01-30)

  • VM: generate ssh key file if needed (#1842)

  • New VM/VMSS Create (#1849)

  • Fix vm doc bug #621, #519 (#1839)

  • Add path expansion to file type parameters (#1827)

  • Expose flags to show vm ip-address, power state (#1820)

  • [ACS] Add validation for SSH key format (#1699)

  • Add confirmation prompt to ‘vm delete’.

  • Support Python 3.6.

0.1.1b1 (2017-01-17)

  • Enable Multi-Cloud VM/VMSS Create.

  • [ACS] Add a table transform for acs show to match acs list.

  • Fix: az vm boot-diagnostics get-boot-log key1 -> keys[0].value.

0.1.0b11 (2016-12-12)

  • Preview release.

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