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Microsoft Azure Compute Management Client Library for Python

Project description

Microsoft Azure SDK for Python

This is the Microsoft Azure Compute Management Client Library.

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is the next generation of management APIs that replace the old Azure Service Management (ASM).

This package has been tested with Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7.

For the older Azure Service Management (ASM) libraries, see azure-servicemanagement-legacy library.

For a more complete set of Azure libraries, see the azure bundle package.


For code examples, see Compute Management on

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If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions, please file an issue in the Issues section of the project.

Release History

4.6.2 (2019-04-22)


  • Revert “images” API version introduced in 4.6.0 from 2019-03-01 to 2018-10-01 for backward compatiblity #4891

4.6.1 (2019-04-18)


  • Make enum declarations in Compute package consistent, for the sake of code inspection.

4.6.0 (2019-04-12)


  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSet has a new parameter do_not_run_extensions_on_overprovisioned_vms
  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetVM has a new parameter network_profile_configuration
  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetVM has a new parameter protection_policy
  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetVM has a new parameter model_definition_applied
  • Added operation VirtualMachineScaleSetsOperations.convert_to_single_placement_group
  • Operation VirtualMachineScaleSetVMsOperations.power_off has a new signature and can now skip_shutdown
  • Operation VirtualMachinesOperations.power_off has a new signature and can now skip_shutdown
  • Operation VirtualMachineScaleSetsOperations.power_off has a new signature and can now skip_shutdown

4.5.1 (2019-03-29)


  • Fix regression in direct import from models

4.5.0 (2019-03-28)

New version of Managed Disks

  • Disks/Snapshots have a new optional property HyperVGeneration which may be set to V1 or V2.
  • EncryptionSettings on a disk are now a collection instead of a single value. This allows multiple volumes on an encrypted disk.
  • There is a new CreateOption (Upload) for disks. To upload disks customers
  • PUT a disk with CreateOption.Upload.
  • Use GrantAccess API with AccessLevel.Write to a get a write SAS to the disk. This is a new access level and it can only be used when uploading to a new disk. Customers can then use storage API to upload the bits for the disk.
  • There are new DiskStates (DiskState.ReadyToUpload and DiskState.ActiveUpload) that are associated with the upload process.

4.4.0 (2018-01-04)


  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetExtension has a new parameter provision_after_extensions
  • Operation VirtualMachineScaleSetVMsOperations.reimage has a new parameter temp_disk
  • Operation VirtualMachineScaleSetsOperations.reimage has a new parameter temp_disk
  • Added operation VirtualMachinesOperations.reimage

4.3.1 (2018-10-15)


  • Fix sdist broken in 4.3.0. No code change.

4.3.0 (2018-10-02)


  • Compute API version default is now 2018-10-01


  • This version updates the access to properties realted to automatic OS upgrade introduced in 4.0.0

4.2.0 (2018-09-25)


  • Model OSDisk has a new parameter diff_disk_settings
  • Model BootDiagnosticsInstanceView has a new parameter status
  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetOSDisk has a new parameter diff_disk_settings
  • Added operation VirtualMachinesOperations.list_by_location


  • azure-mgmt-nspkg is not installed anymore on Python 3 (PEP420-based namespace package)

4.1.0 (2018-09-12)

2018-06-01 for ‘disks’ and ‘snapshots’ (new default)


  • Model DiskUpdate has a new parameter disk_iops_read_write
  • Model DiskUpdate has a new parameter disk_mbps_read_write
  • Model VirtualMachineUpdate has a new parameter additional_capabilities (ultraSSDEnabled attribute)
  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetVM has a new parameter additional_capabilities (ultraSSDEnabled attribute)
  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetPublicIPAddressConfiguration has a new parameter public_ip_prefix
  • Model Disk has a new parameter disk_iops_read_write
  • Model Disk has a new parameter disk_mbps_read_write
  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetVMProfile has a new parameter additional_capabilities (ultraSSDEnabled attribute)
  • Model VirtualMachine has a new parameter additional_capabilities (ultraSSDEnabled attribute)
  • Added operation VirtualMachineScaleSetRollingUpgradesOperations.start_extension_upgrade
  • New enum value UltraSSD_LRS for StorageAccountTypes

4.0.1 (2018-07-23)


  • Fix incorrect import from azure.mgmt.compute.models

4.0.0 (2018-07-20)


  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetIdentity has a new parameter user_assigned_identities
  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetIPConfiguration has a new parameter application_security_groups
  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetUpdateIPConfiguration has a new parameter application_security_groups
  • Model VirtualMachineIdentity has a new parameter user_assigned_identities
  • Model LinuxConfiguration has a new parameter provision_vm_agent
  • Model OSProfile has a new parameter allow_extension_operations
  • Added operation group GalleryImagesOperations
  • Added operation group GalleryImageVersionsOperations
  • Added operation group GalleriesOperations
  • Model UpgradeOperationHistoricalStatusInfoProperties has a new parameter rollback_info
  • Model UpgradePolicy has a new parameter auto_os_upgrade_policy
  • Added operation AvailabilitySetsOperations.list_by_subscription

Breaking changes

  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetIdentity no longer has parameter identity_ids
  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetOSDisk no longer has parameter disk_size_gb
  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetVM no longer has parameter zones
  • Model VirtualMachineScaleSetUpdateOSDisk no longer has parameter disk_size_gb
  • Model VirtualMachineIdentity no longer has parameter identity_ids

New default API Version is now 2018-06-01

4.0.0rc2 (2018-04-17)


  • All clients now support Azure profiles.
  • Add update operation to VirtualMachineExtension operations (all ApiVersions)
  • Add get_extensions operation to VirtualMachine operations (all ApiVersions)
  • Support eviction policy for virtual machines inside a low priority scale set (2017-12-01)
  • Add get_os_upgrade_history to VMSS operations (2017-12-01)


  • Compatibility of the sdist with wheel 0.31.0
  • Fix some invalid models in Python 3 (introduced in 4.0.0rc1)

4.0.0rc1 (2018-03-21)

General Breaking changes

This version uses a next-generation code generator that might introduce breaking changes.

  • Model signatures now use only keyword-argument syntax. All positional arguments must be re-written as keyword-arguments. To keep auto-completion in most cases, models are now generated for Python 2 and Python 3. Python 3 uses the “*” syntax for keyword-only arguments.
  • Enum types now use the “str” mixin (class AzureEnum(str, Enum)) to improve the behavior when unrecognized enum values are encountered. While this is not a breaking change, the distinctions are important, and are documented here: At a glance:
    • “is” should not be used at all.
    • “format” will return the string value, where “%s” string formatting will return NameOfEnum.stringvalue. Format syntax should be prefered.
  • New Long Running Operation:
    • Return type changes from msrestazure.azure_operation.AzureOperationPoller to msrest.polling.LROPoller. External API is the same.
    • Return type is now always a msrest.polling.LROPoller, regardless of the optional parameters used.
    • The behavior has changed when using raw=True. Instead of returning the initial call result as ClientRawResponse, without polling, now this returns an LROPoller. After polling, the final resource will be returned as a ClientRawResponse.
    • New polling parameter. The default behavior is Polling=True which will poll using ARM algorithm. When Polling=False, the response of the initial call will be returned without polling.
    • polling parameter accepts instances of subclasses of msrest.polling.PollingMethod.
    • add_done_callback will no longer raise if called after polling is finished, but will instead execute the callback right away.

Compute features

  • Support zone resilient for image/snapshots (new ApiVersion 2018-04-01)
  • Add “operations” operation group
  • Add availability_set.update
  • Add images.update
  • Add virtual_machine.update

3.1.0rc3 (2018-11-01)


  • Add VirtualMachineScaleSetNetworkConfiguration -> enable_ip_forwarding
  • Add VirtualMachineScaleSetUpdateNetworkConfiguration -> enable_ip_forwarding
  • Add VirtualMachineScaleSetVMProfile -> priority
  • Add ApiVersion 2017-12-01 of virtual_machine_run_commands (new default)

3.1.0rc2 (2017-12-14)


  • Add User Assigned Identity parameters to VM/VMSS creation


  • Add RestrictionInfo to SKUs list (2017-09-01)
  • Restore virtual_machines.run_commands (broken in rc1)

3.1.0rc1 (2017-11-27)


This version supports Azure Profile. Meaning, you can specify specific API versions to support for each operation groups.

The default API versions of this package are now: - 2017-03-30 for ‘disks’, ‘virtual_machine_run_commands’ and ‘snapshots’ - 2017-09-01 for ‘resource_skus’ - 2017-12-01 for everything else

Python features

  • ComputeManagementClient has now a “profile” parameter, which is a dict from operation groups name to API version
  • Operation groups now have access to their own models. For instance, assuming you have variable called “client”, you can access the models for this opeations groups (according to your loaded profiles) using client.virtual_machines.models
  • azure.mgmt.compute.models is deprecated. See for details.

Azure features

  • ‘resource_skus’ has improved ‘location_info’ field

3.0.1 (2017-09-26)


  • Add missing virtual_machine_scale_set_rolling_upgrades operation group alias

3.0.0 (2017-09-26)


  • Availability Zones
  • VMSS Rolling upgrade / patch / health status
  • VM instance view APIs

Breaking changes

  • “azure.mgmt.compute.compute” namespace is now simply “azure.mgmt.compute”. If you were already using “azure.mgmt.compute” before, you code should still work exactly the same.
  • ContainerService has now be removed and exported in azure-mgmt-containerservice

2.1.0 (2017-07-19)

Features in 2017-03-30

  • Expose ‘enableAcceleratedNetworking’ for virtual machine and virtual machine SS. Windows GA, Linux in preview.
  • Expose ‘forceUpdateTag’ to ensure extension gets reinstalled even there are no configuration change.

2.0.0 (2017-06-29)


Compute default Api Version is now 2017-03-30.

New operation groups:

  • resources_skus
  • virtual_machine_scale_set_extensions
  • virtual_machine_run_commands

New methods in VM:

  • perform_maintenance
  • run_command

Several improvements and modifications in Managed Disks.

Breaking changes

  • ContainerService: fixed typo in class name (ContainerServiceOchestratorTypes is now ContainerServiceOrchestratorTypes)
  • Compute: breaking changes in Managed Disk API:
    • Managed field removed from Create AV Set API
    • Account Type replaced with SKU in PUT and GET Managed Disk Create API
    • OwnerId replaced by ManagedBy in GET Managed Disk API

Note that you can get the behavior of v1.0.0 by forcing the Api Version to “2016-04-30-preview” to update your package but not the code:

ComputeManagementClient(credentials, subscription_id, api_version=”2016-04-30-preview”)

1.0.0 (2017-05-15)

  • Tag 1.0.0rc2 as stable (same content)

1.0.0rc2 (2017-05-12)


  • Add Compute ApiVersion 2016-03-30 (AzureStack default)

1.0.0rc1 (2017-04-11)

Breaking Changes

  • Container service is now in it’s own client ContainerServiceClient


To help customers with sovereign clouds (not general Azure), this version has official multi ApiVersion support for the following resource type:

  • Compute: 2015-06-15 and 2016-04-30-preview

The following resource types support one ApiVersion:

  • ContainerService: 2017-01-31

0.33.0 (2017-02-03)


This release adds Managed Disk to compute. This changes the default disk creation behavior to use the new Managed Disk feature instead of Storage.

0.32.1 (2016-11-14)

  • Add “Kubernetes” on Containers
  • Improve technical documentation

0.32.0 (2016-11-02)

Breaking change

New APIVersion for “container” 2016-09-30.

  • several parameters (e.g. “username”) now dynamically check before REST calls validity against a regexp. Exception will be TypeError and not CloudError anymore.

0.31.0 (2016-11-01)

Breaking change

We renamed some “container” methods to follow Azure SDK conventions

  • “container” attribute on the client is now “containers”
  • “list” changed behavior, now listing containers in subscription and lost its parameter
  • “list_by_resource_group” new method with the old “list” behavior

0.30.0 (2016-10-17)

  • Initial preview release. Based on API version 2016-03-30.

0.20.0 (2015-08-31)

  • Initial preview release. Based on API version 2015-05-01-preview.

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