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Microsoft Azure Security Center Management Client Library for Python

Project description

Microsoft Azure SDK for Python

This is the Microsoft Azure Security Center Management Client Library.

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is the next generation of management APIs that replace the old Azure Service Management (ASM).

This package has been tested with Python 2.7, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7.

For the older Azure Service Management (ASM) libraries, see azure-servicemanagement-legacy library.

For a more complete set of Azure libraries, see the azure bundle package.


For code examples, see Security Center Management on

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If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions, please file an issue in the Issues section of the project.


Release History

0.4.0 (2020-06-05)


  • Model IoTSecuritySolutionModel has a new parameter unmasked_ip_logging_status
  • Model InformationProtectionPolicy has a new parameter version
  • Model JitNetworkAccessRequest has a new parameter justification
  • Model SensitivityLabel has a new parameter description
  • Model SensitivityLabel has a new parameter rank
  • Model InformationType has a new parameter description
  • Model AppWhitelistingGroup has a new parameter protection_mode
  • Model JitNetworkAccessPolicyInitiateRequest has a new parameter justification
  • Model VmRecommendation has a new parameter enforcement_support
  • Model IoTSecurityAggregatedAlert has a new parameter top_devices_list
  • Added operation AdaptiveApplicationControlsOperations.delete
  • Added operation AlertsOperations.update_resource_group_level_alert_state_to_dismiss
  • Added operation AlertsOperations.update_subscription_level_alert_state_to_dismiss
  • Added operation AlertsOperations.update_subscription_level_alert_state_to_reactivate
  • Added operation AlertsOperations.update_resource_group_level_alert_state_to_reactivate
  • Added operation IotSecuritySolutionOperations.list_by_subscription
  • Added operation IotSecuritySolutionOperations.list_by_resource_group
  • Added operation IotSecuritySolutionOperations.create_or_update
  • Added operation group SecureScoreControlDefinitionsOperations
  • Added operation group AssessmentsMetadataOperations
  • Added operation group SecureScoreControlsOperations
  • Added operation group AlertsSuppressionRulesOperations
  • Added operation group IotSecuritySolutionsAnalyticsAggregatedAlertOperations
  • Added operation group SubAssessmentsOperations
  • Added operation group AutomationsOperations
  • Added operation group IotSecuritySolutionsAnalyticsRecommendationOperations
  • Added operation group SecureScoresOperations
  • Added operation group IotSecuritySolutionAnalyticsOperations
  • Added operation group AdaptiveNetworkHardeningsOperations
  • Added operation group AssessmentsOperations
  • Added operation group DeviceSecurityGroupsOperations

Breaking changes

  • Operation SettingsOperations.update has a new signature
  • Operation AlertsOperations.list has a new signature
  • Operation AlertsOperations.list_by_resource_group has a new signature
  • Operation AlertsOperations.list_resource_group_level_alerts_by_region has a new signature
  • Operation AlertsOperations.list_subscription_level_alerts_by_region has a new signature
  • Operation JitNetworkAccessPoliciesOperations.initiate has a new signature
  • Operation InformationProtectionPoliciesOperations.create_or_update has a new signature
  • Removed operation AlertsOperations.update_resource_group_level_alert_state
  • Removed operation AlertsOperations.update_subscription_level_alert_state
  • Removed operation IotSecuritySolutionOperations.create
  • Removed operation group IoTSecuritySolutionsResourceGroupOperations
  • Removed operation group IoTSecuritySolutionsAnalyticsRecommendationsOperations
  • Removed operation group IoTSecuritySolutionsAnalyticsRecommendationOperations
  • Removed operation group IoTSecuritySolutionsOperations
  • Removed operation group IoTSecuritySolutionsAnalyticsAggregatedAlertsOperations
  • Removed operation group IoTSecuritySolutionsAnalyticsAggregatedAlertOperations
  • Removed operation group IoTSecuritySolutionsAnalyticsOperations

0.3.0 (2019-08-01)


  • Model JitNetworkAccessPolicyVirtualMachine has a new parameter public_ip_address
  • Model JitNetworkAccessRequestPort has a new parameter mapped_port
  • Added operation group RegulatoryComplianceControlsOperations
  • Added operation group ComplianceResultsOperations
  • Added operation group ServerVulnerabilityAssessmentOperations
  • Added operation group IoTSecuritySolutionsResourceGroupOperations
  • Added operation group AdaptiveApplicationControlsOperations
  • Added operation group IoTSecuritySolutionsOperations
  • Added operation group IotSecuritySolutionOperations
  • Added operation group RegulatoryComplianceStandardsOperations
  • Added operation group IoTSecuritySolutionsAnalyticsOperations
  • Added operation group IoTSecuritySolutionsAnalyticsAggregatedAlertOperations
  • Added operation group IoTSecuritySolutionsAnalyticsRecommendationsOperations
  • Added operation group RegulatoryComplianceAssessmentsOperations
  • Added operation group IoTSecuritySolutionsAnalyticsRecommendationOperations
  • Added operation group IoTSecuritySolutionsAnalyticsAggregatedAlertsOperations

General breaking changes

This version uses a next-generation code generator that might introduce breaking changes if from some import. In summary, some modules were incorrectly visible/importable and have been renamed. This fixed several issues caused by usage of classes that were not supposed to be used in the first place.

  • SecurityCenter cannot be imported from anymore (import from works like before)
  • SecurityCenterConfiguration import has been moved from to
  • A model MyClass from a "models" sub-module cannot be imported anymore using (import from works like before)
  • An operation class MyClassOperations from an operations sub-module cannot be imported anymore using (import from works like before)

Last but not least, HTTP connection pooling is now enabled by default. You should always use a client as a context manager, or call close(), or use no more than one client per process.

0.2.0 (2019-04-16)


  • Model Pricing has a new parameter free_trial_remaining_time
  • Model Alert has a new parameter is_incident
  • Added operation PricingsOperations.get
  • Added operation PricingsOperations.update
  • Added operation group AllowedConnectionsOperations

Breaking changes

  • Operation SettingsOperations.update has a new signature
  • Removed operation PricingsOperations.update_subscription_pricing
  • Removed operation PricingsOperations.list_by_resource_group
  • Removed operation PricingsOperations.create_or_update_resource_group_pricing
  • Removed operation PricingsOperations.get_resource_group_pricing
  • Removed operation PricingsOperations.get_subscription_pricing

0.1.0 (2018-10-29)

  • Initial Release

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