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Command Line Tool for Backblaze B2

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B2 Command Line Tool

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The command-line tool that gives easy access to all of the capabilities of B2 Cloud Storage.

This program provides command-line access to the B2 service.


The latest documentation is available on Read the Docs.


Stand-alone binaries are available for Linux, MacOS and Windows - this is the most straightforward way to use the command-line tool and is sufficient in most use cases. The latest versions are available for download from the Releases page.

Alternatively, you can install with:

pip install b2


b2 authorize-account [-h]  [applicationKeyId] [applicationKey]
b2 cancel-all-unfinished-large-files [-h] bucketName
b2 cancel-large-file [-h] fileId
b2 clear-account [-h]
b2 copy-file-by-id [-h] [--fetchMetadata] [--contentType CONTENTTYPE] [--range RANGE] [--info INFO | --noInfo] [--destinationServerSideEncryption {SSE-B2,SSE-C}] [--destinationServerSideEncryptionAlgorithm {AES256}] [--sourceServerSideEncryption {SSE-C}] [--sourceServerSideEncryptionAlgorithm {AES256}] [--fileRetentionMode {compliance,governance}] [--retainUntil TIMESTAMP] [--legalHold {on,off}] sourceFileId destinationBucketName b2FileName
b2 create-bucket [-h] [--bucketInfo BUCKETINFO] [--corsRules CORSRULES] [--lifecycleRules LIFECYCLERULES] [--fileLockEnabled] [--defaultServerSideEncryption {SSE-B2,none}] [--defaultServerSideEncryptionAlgorithm {AES256}] bucketName bucketType
b2 create-key [-h] [--bucket BUCKET] [--namePrefix NAMEPREFIX] [--duration DURATION] keyName capabilities
b2 delete-bucket [-h] bucketName
b2 delete-file-version [-h] [fileName] fileId
b2 delete-key [-h] applicationKeyId
b2 download-file-by-id [-h] [--noProgress] [--sourceServerSideEncryption {SSE-C}] [--sourceServerSideEncryptionAlgorithm {AES256}] fileId localFileName
b2 download-file-by-name [-h] [--noProgress] [--sourceServerSideEncryption {SSE-C}] [--sourceServerSideEncryptionAlgorithm {AES256}] bucketName b2FileName localFileName
b2 get-account-info [-h]
b2 get-bucket [-h] [--showSize] bucketName
b2 get-file-info [-h] fileId
b2 get-download-auth [-h] [--prefix PREFIX] [--duration DURATION] bucketName
b2 get-download-url-with-auth [-h] [--duration DURATION] bucketName fileName
b2 hide-file [-h] bucketName fileName
b2 list-buckets [-h] [--json]
b2 list-keys [-h] [--long]
b2 list-parts [-h] largeFileId
b2 list-unfinished-large-files [-h] bucketName
b2 ls [-h] [--long] [--json] [--versions] [--recursive] bucketName [folderName]
b2 make-url [-h] fileId
b2 make-friendly-url [-h] bucketName fileName
b2 sync [-h] [--noProgress] [--dryRun] [--allowEmptySource] [--excludeAllSymlinks] [--threads THREADS] [--compareVersions {none,modTime,size}] [--compareThreshold MILLIS] [--excludeRegex REGEX] [--includeRegex REGEX] [--excludeDirRegex REGEX] [--excludeIfModifiedAfter TIMESTAMP] [--destinationServerSideEncryption {SSE-B2,SSE-C}] [--destinationServerSideEncryptionAlgorithm {AES256}] [--sourceServerSideEncryption {SSE-C}] [--sourceServerSideEncryptionAlgorithm {AES256}] [--skipNewer | --replaceNewer] [--delete | --keepDays DAYS] source destination
b2 update-bucket [-h] [--bucketInfo BUCKETINFO] [--corsRules CORSRULES] [--lifecycleRules LIFECYCLERULES] [--defaultRetentionMode {compliance,governance,none}] [--defaultRetentionPeriod period] [--defaultServerSideEncryption {SSE-B2,none}] [--defaultServerSideEncryptionAlgorithm {AES256}] bucketName bucketType
b2 upload-file [-h] [--noProgress] [--quiet] [--contentType CONTENTTYPE] [--minPartSize MINPARTSIZE] [--sha1 SHA1] [--threads THREADS] [--info INFO] [--destinationServerSideEncryption {SSE-B2,SSE-C}] [--destinationServerSideEncryptionAlgorithm {AES256}] [--legalHold {on,off}] [--fileRetentionMode {compliance,governance}] [--retainUntil TIMESTAMP] bucketName localFilePath b2FileName
b2 update-file-legal-hold [-h] [fileName] fileId {on,off}
b2 update-file-retention [-h] [--retainUntil TIMESTAMP] [--bypassGovernance] [fileName] fileId {governance,compliance,none}
b2 version [-h]

The environment variable B2_ACCOUNT_INFO specifies the sqlite file to use for caching authentication information. The default file to use is: ~/.b2_account_info

For more details on one command: b2 <command> --help

When authorizing with application keys, this tool requires that the key have the 'listBuckets' capability so that it can take the bucket names you provide on the command line and translate them into bucket IDs for the B2 Storage service. Each different command may required additional capabilities. You can find the details for each command in the help for that command.

Parallelism and the --threads parameter

Users with high performance networks, or file sets with very small files, may benefit from increased parallelism. Experiment with using the --threads parameter with small values to determine if there are benefits.

Note that using multiple threads will usually be detrimental to the other users on your network.


bash completion

You can find a bash completion script in the contrib directory. See this for installation instructions.

detailed logs

Verbose logs to stdout can be enabled with the --verbose flag.

A hidden flag --debugLogs can be used to enable logging to a b2_cli.log file (with log rotation at midnight) in current working directory. Please take care to not launch the tool from the directory that you are syncing, or the logs will get synced to the remote server (unless that is really what you want to do).

For advanced users, a hidden option --logConfig <filename.ini> can be used to enable logging in a user-defined format and verbosity. An example log configuration can be found here.

Release History

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