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Bubble OS -- Operating System for Real Life (tm)

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FAQ (or why would you need to ask this anyway?)

Q: Why the version number for the first release is 0.00008? A: 0.00008 is $0.01 in BTC, the smallest indivisible coin from RL that the most generous users in the World can donate to support [1] this endeavour.

Q: Why not $0.1 or $1? A: The next version will surely be more costly.

Q: Wait, which money? The license is Public Domain! A: Right. Public Domain is the way software lives, money is the way to live for humans. Nobody wants to end like PKWARE founder. This action [2] will save your soul. For a few months anyway. So try recurring stuff [3].

Q: Do you mean I have to pay for bablos? A: No, you don’t. But this is how it works - you pay, and then you’re hooked. Even if this is the first application you ever payed for, once you pay - it’s already installed. You can remove it though.

Q: Why are you constantly talking about money? What is this stuff anyway? A: Well, sometimes live becomes harsh and you need bablos to proceed.

Q: I don’t understand. A: That’s not a question.

Q: That’s not an answer. A: Ok. Bablos is a double entry system

Q: Do you mean double entry accounting? A: No, I mean I enter text twice - in English and in Russian.

Q: And what about Russian? A: When you join the best of both worlds, you get bablos.

Q: I am totally confused. A: Just believe. “If you believe in bablos, bablos also believes in you”.

Q: Is that Nietzsche? A: It is a religion. Show your [5] and you’ll be saved.

Q: What religion? It is a site with Python packages! A: Religion packed into cute Python package.

Q: I am already a follower of another religion. A: That’s perfectly ok. Bablos is a cooperative religious thing. No matter which religion you follow, bablos helps to keep you up.

Q: And what it is about? A: It is about attaining piece of mind through self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you’re capable. Here [5].

Q: … A: There is another way.

Q: Way to what? A: To solve the conflict inside you.

Q: I don’t have any conflicts. A: Everybody who says that has one.

Q: How do you know? A: Because I had too, then I did it [6] and send link to 20 friends. Now I am saved.

Q: I don’t want to be saved. A: Everybody wants.

Q: Me not. A: You do.

Q: No, I don’t. A: Any amount counts [7].

Q: And where I’ll be saved? A: In ChangeLog.

Q: Where is it? A: Will be included in the next version.

Q: And what is the next version, 0.00009? A: It directly depends on contributions [8]. It is bablos after all.

Q: I see it all about begging money. A: True.

Q: That’s mean. A: Didn’t you like the experience? I am ruined. Can you please report a bug [11]?

Q: Well.. A: It helps software.

Q: You mean religions. A: No, I mean public domain software.

Q: I prefer GPL. A: Well, it may help LGPL software.

Q: I want to be sure it will help. A: Guarantees for bablos are planned for version 2.0 and above.

Q: Hey! That’s $245.8 And you said Open Source and Public Domain! A: I see you’re starting to get it. Bablos is OS, PD and about investments. Start investing now to become master [9].

Q: But what I am investing into? A: It is not a fraud. That alone should be enough. There is more. There is no promises, so everything is honest.

Q: But you promised to save me in the ChangeLog. A: That’s planned.

Q: But you said no promises. A: No bablos - no promises. Catch-22. It can be helped though [11].

Q: You are cheating. A: There is only way to check [12]. Any amount will do.

Q: No, I am not paying for software. A: It is not for software. Software is in public domain.

Q: But there is nothing! A: There is already a future investor and a teacher. You first lesson [13].

Q: What do I learn from it? A: You will learn trust (level 1) and you will also test how bablos works (unlocked achievement).

Q: Achievements are sweet. A: That’s planned. 1.0 may include that.

Q: Still I am not convinced. A: Remember last time you’ve invested into honest business. Now it’s your chance [10].

Q: I better buy some indie bundle and help charity. A: With bablos you can buy indie bundle, help charity and invest in the future [14].

Q: Into your future? A: Into Open Source future.

Q: How come? A: You know, bablos can fund Python sprints.

Q: Didn’t even think about it. Anything else? A: Bablos can help homeless.

Q: Ha-ha. Windows users have HOME directory. A: It is not funny. I am homeless.

Q: Maybe I am too. A: You can help me.

Q: Why should I. A: Because you want to master bablos. It is a fair deal.

Q: I don’t need bablos. A: Say it in Russian.

Q: And what will happen? A: You become homeless.

Q: Is it a threat? A: No, it is how bablos work. To own a home, you need bablos.

Q: I see. Now here are your high ideals, religions, open source? A: Everything is included, and that’s already in 0.00008

Bablos for “Bubble OS” economic model. Achievents loop. Split between projects. Have a limit per feature. Bablos over limit pumps to upper streams of supported projects.

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