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several small tools.

Project description

Please remember that these are just some personal tools!

I wrote each of them to scratch an itch - for example because my mpd died
and I wanted to play the playlists anyway, or because I just needed to
play a folder at random (OK, I wanted to play all my 30GiB of music at random,
but hey... :) ).

If these tools eat your cat or do unruly things with your dog,
please don't blame me - but tell me ;)

- None. At the moment I'm happy with this structure.

- Adding information, how to use Mercurial to use this structure
in your own project and keep it up to date while keeping your changes.
- Get the version information from the Changelog. -> i.e.: First line.split()[-1]
=> One less point where I have to change things when updating.

Source URL (Mercurial): U{}


## babplay_mpd_playlist

Use mplayer to play an mpd playlist.

Usage: [options] <playlist without suffix>

--random shuffle list before playing

* shell
* cat
* sed
* mplayer

## babplay_randomly

Tell mplayer to randomly play all passed files.

- [--help] [-fs] [-caca] [DIR FILE DIR ...]
Just play all passed files and all files in the passed folders.
When called without files or folders, it plays the current folder.

-fs run full screen.
-caca use libcaca to play in ascii.

## babsearch_n_replace

Search and replace text strings inside text files.

- [options] "Search String" "Replace String" file1 dir1 file2 file3
replace the text string in every text file

print the files in which we found the search string.
don't change any files.
--suffixes a list of suffixes seperated by commas.
"--suffixes=.txt,.html" - only .txt and .html
"--sufixes=" - match all files.
Default: .txt,.mdwn,.yml,.xml,.htm,.html,.py

- No undoing, because undoing could do more harm than just replacing back
(would remove all new file changes -> damn unexpected!).

- Treat linebreaks as whitespace.

## get_all_files

This module serves only for providing the get_all_files_in(dir) function,
since I need it quite often.

>>> from get_all_files import get_all_files_in
>>> files = get_all_files_in(".")


babtools_misc 0.1.3

- FIX: Added missing file to distrib.

babtools_misc 0.1.2

- documentation update for some of the scripts.

babtools_misc 0.1.1

- babplay_randomly now takes the -caca option to play the videos via libcaca.
- FIX: get_all_files only walked a subset of the files.

babtools_misc 0.1

- made the tools ready for PyPI

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