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A Picasa Web Albums backup utility

Project description

(sudo) pip install backasa

The goal of this tool is to provide a minimal CLI backup/mirroring tool for Picasa Web Albums.



This will initiate or sync an existing backup of all picasa web albumns for this user, into /target/of/backup

backasa -e -p password1 -t /target/of/backup/ backup

Full Cycle

  1. Setup - Setup backup directory and store your credentials

    mkdir backup-target
    cd backup-target
    backasa setup
  2. Backup - routinely run the backup (cron, etc..)

    cd backup-target
    backasa backup
  3. Cleanup - Remove old versions of files and deleted files

    cd backup-target
    backasa cleanup


  • --email or -e

    • Manually provide account email on the command line

  • --password or -p

    • Manually provide password on the command line

  • --limit or -l

    • Provide a time limit (in hours) to run.

    • Accepts floating points (-l 0.5 for 30 minutes, etc..)

    • This is helpful if you want to gradually catch up your backups during off peak times

    • Ex. Cron job starts at 1 AM, using -l 4 it will stop ~ 5 AM

    • backasa will pick up where it left off for the next run

  • --target or -t

    • Specify the target backup directory

    • Defaults to the current working directory

  • --notify or -n

    • Send an email to the account upon completion or failure

    • includes job log

  • --help or -h

    • Built in help documentation


Backasa handles user authentication one of two ways, specified as command-line arguments (--email and --password), or via a .config file in the backup directory generated by the setup action. This .config file is stored with the same level of security as your private ssh keys.

If you are using Google 2-step Verification, you will need to create an application specific password for backasa and use it in your setup.

Manual Garbage Collection

By default Backasa does not delete files. As new file versions come in older versions are marked as .old and are left on the file system along side their newer counterparts. Files deleted from picasa are left as is in your backups. The cleanup action is used to remove old versions of files and scan picasa for deleted files to remove from your file system.

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backasa-0.9.5.tar.gz (11.5 kB view hashes)

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