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A library for several purposes, including javascript i18n and stuff for the Pyramid web framework.

Project description

Functions and classes for many purposes, that I use all the time in multiple programs.

The fact that these are just bits and pieces does not prevent them from having bugs, so they are under version control at

Previously, this library was hosted at

The library is tested on Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2 and 3.3.

For documentation on each module, please refer to its own docstrings.

This version was published with releaser.

Most important library contents

  • bag.csv2 – The infamous csv Python module does not support unicode; problem solved.

  • bag.csv3 – In web apps, uploaded files come as byte streams, so we provide a decoding generator. If you’d like the order of the CSV columns not to matter, there is a header-based reader. There is also a buffered CSV writer for outputting CSV in a web app.

  • bag.email_validator – The ultimate functions for email validation and domain validation, as well as an email address harvester.

  • bag.web.transecma – Complete solution for javascript internationalization. Compatible with jquery templates. Includes transecma.js.

  • bag.web.web_deps – Ensure your javascript libraries and CSS stylesheets appear in the right order, and require them from different parts of your code.

If you use the Pyramid web framework

  • bag.web.pyramid.flash_msg – Advanced flash messages scheme for Pyramid.

  • bag.web.pyramid.locale – Easily enable and disable locales, let users switch languages, and use the browser’s languages by default.

  • bag.web.pyramid.plugins_manager – Make your Pyramid app extensible through plugins.

  • bag.web.pyramid.starter – Reusable configurator for starting up Pyramid web applications.

  • bag.web.pyramid.genshi – Use the Genshi templating language with the Pyramid web framework. Though perhaps one might prefer Kajiki.

Less important library contents

  • bag.bytes_box – Wraps an Image in another object that can instantiate it from a number of sources (bytes, files etc.) and then copy, resize or write it. The interface is experimental but seems to be very convenient.

  • bag.check_rst – Verifies reStructuredText content for correctness.

  • bag.console – Functions for user interaction at the console.

  • bag.corrupt_image – Read image files and do something if they are corrupt.

  • bag.file_existence_manager – Tools for finding duplicate files using hashes.

  • bag.file_watcher – Watches a bunch of files and when one of them is modified, runs a callback. Also useful for reloading Python modules when they are altered.

  • bag.log – Convenient logging initialization.

  • bag.html – Encode and decode HTML and XML entities.

  • bag.memoizeMemoize decorator with a LRU (least recently used) cache, which can take a keymaker function as an argument.

  • bag.more_codecs – Got text in some weird encoding that Python doesn’t know? OK, use iconv to decode it.

  • bag.web.nav – A simple navigation menu system for web apps.

  • bag.show_progress – Don’t leave your user wondering if your program is hanging; print the progress every few seconds.

  • bag.sqlalchemy.context – Convenient SQLALchemy initialization, at last.

  • bag.sqlalchemy.tricks – Various SQLAlchemy gimmicks…

  • bag.text – Functions for working with unicode strings.

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