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automated music downloading via selenium

Project description

# bandcamp-get [![Build Status](]( [![PyPI](]()

## automated music downloading via selenium

bandcamp-get uses Selenium WebDriver to download free albums from the music website [bandcamp]( If run on default, bandcamp-get creates a disposable email address using [Guerrilla Mail]( Music sent to this inbox will be downloaded once all albums have been processed, no user interaction necessary.

## Installation
pip install bandcamp-get


pip install git+


git clone cd bandcamp-get python install
## Usage

usage: bandcamp-get [-h] [-b BROWSER] [-e EMAIL] [-v] [USER]

automated music downloading via selenium

positional arguments:
USER bandcamp user to download from
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-b BROWSER, --browser BROWSER
 enter chrome or firefox, defaults to firefox
-e EMAIL, --email EMAIL
 use your own email instead of a throwaway
-v, --version display current version

## Author * Hunter Hammond (

## Notes * Supports both Python 2.x and Python 3.x. * If you choose to use a throwaway email (chosen by default unless –email flag is used), then all emails sent to the throwaway will be opened and the download links followed by the WebDriver. This occurs once all albums have been emailed/otherwise downloaded. * Closing the bandcamp browser window before all albums have been downloaded is fine and will end processing early. The links which have been emailed already will still be downloaded as long as the Guerrilla Mail window is left open.



  • cleaned up code using pylint as reference


  • pypi monthly downloads image added to readme


  • travis-ci status image added to readme


  • python 2.x and 3.x support
  • program header and description updated
  • .travis.yml and requirements.txt added


  • updated program description


  • updated classifiers


  • reformatting to conform with PEP 8
  • added shebang


  • updated some formatting and changed % to format()


  • Updated program description


  • Moved the check for straggler emails to auto_download rather than check_email


  • Firefox webdriver no longer asks before downloading .zip
  • Minor fix to download_link behavior


  • Added randomized user agent for requests and selenium drivers


  • Removed sys import


  • Made 0 or 1 positional arguments


  • Changed execution command to bandcamp-get


  • First entry

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