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A utility to split multiple sequence files using multiple sets of barcodes

Project description

A utility to split multiple sequence files using multiple sets of barcodes.

Copyright 2017 Lance Parsons <>, Robert Leach <>

BSD 2-Clause License - See LICENSE.txt


  1. Install Barcode Splitter:

    pip install barcode_splitter


Split multiple fastq files by matching barcodes in one or more of the sequence files. Barcodes in the tab-delimited barcodes.txt file are matched against the beginning (or end) of the specified index read(s). By default, barcodes must match exactly, but --mistmatches can be set higher if desired. Compressed input is read (from all files) if the first input file name ends in .gz. Reading of compressed input can be forced with the gzipin option.


Split an Illumina paired-end run where the index read are in the second read file (read 2), the forward read is the first read file (read 1), and the reverse reads are in the third read file (read 3):

barcode_splitter --bcfile barcodes.txt read1.fastq read2_index.fastq read3.fastq --idxread 2 --suffix .fastq


Sample names containing UTF-8 characters are allowed, however, outputting those characters to STDOUT and piping to a file can be problematic. Ensure python uses the proper encoding for STDOUT by setting PYTHONIOENCODING='utf-8'.:

PYTHONIOENCODING='utf-8' barcode_splitter --bcfile barcodes_utf8.txt read1.fastq read2_index.fastq read3.fastq --idxread 2 --suffix .fastq


Please use the following BibTeX entry:

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