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The alkali version of acidrip (ffmpeg based).

Project description


Baserip is a tool for copying a single video title from a DVD whilst transcoding it. The purpose of this is to make the video available to devices you may have which do not have a DVD player.

Baserip was created because Acidrip is no longer being maintained and I found myself needing a DVD ripper. The design of Baserip is heavily influenced by Acidrip.

Baserip is, in fact, a simple front-end to Mplayer/Mencoder which is itself a front-end to some video encoding and decoding libraries.


Unpack the tarball and go into the top level directory. As root type:

python3 install

The installation directory is usually: /usr/local/lib/python3.x/dist-utils

Here you will find Baserip. Within Baserip you will find a “share” directory. In this there is a .desktop file and an icon. You can use these to manually add an entry to your desktop menu system.


In order to run Baserip you will need the following:

  • Python3

  • PyQt4

  • pyudev

  • mplayer/mencoder

  • lsdvd

  • lame


Please read the on-line documentation.

Baserip - What’s Next

I have been waiting for a fixed version of lsdvd to become available. With the introduction of Ubuntu 14.10 this has been realized. Unfortunately both mencoder and ffmpeg have been dropped in favour of avconv and libav.

Version 0.2 of baserip will use avconv and this work is currently underway. The libav library (and thus avconv) cannot read directly from a DVD drive so I have taken the decision to interface directly with libdvdread in order to present a data stream to avconv for processing. A side-effect of this is that there will no longer be a dependency on lsdvd but, as I am now working at a lower level, getting this code ready is going to take some time.

I do have some code ready with a few enhancements above the 0.1 release including more output containers and more selection over the audio encoding and audio bit rate but because I cannot install ffmpeg along side libav I cannot test this code. If anyone is willing to test for me and maybe even fix any problems then I can release version 0.2 and thus the avconv based version will become version 0.3.

If you are interested in helping out then please contact me at:

  • geoff (at) electron dot me dot uk

and I will send you the latest code (minus the libav work). If we can get this working satisfactorally then this will form the basis of version 0.2 and I will continue to work on version 0.3.

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