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A convenience wrapper around serialization libraries to handle common tasks.

Project description


Does this look familiar?

>>> import json
>>> from datetime import date
>>> MY_DATA = {'foo': 123, 'bar': date(2018, 5, 22)}
>>> json.dumps(MY_DATA)
Traceback (most recent call last):
TypeError:, 5, 22) is not JSON serializable

It’s one thing when your serialization tools don’t know how to handle your custom classes, but it’s annoying when they don’t handle the built-in and/or common data types. Thus, basicserial was born.

This package is a thin wrapper around the common serialization tools that can do the following for you when working with JSON, YAML, and TOML:

  • Automatically serializes the following types to common-sense representations:

    set array sequence array
    frozenset array sequence array
    Decimal number float float
    Fraction string string string
    date string (ISO 8601) timestamp string (ISO 8601)
    time string (ISO 8601) string (ISO 8601) string (ISO 8601)
    datetime string (ISO 8601) timestamp string (ISO 8601)
    complex string string string
    OrderedDict object map key/value
    defaultdict object map key/value
    namedtuple object map key/value
    UserDict object map key/value
    UserList array sequence array
    UserString string string string
    UUID string string string
  • Can serialize Enum members appropriately based on their type.

  • Can automatically deserialize dates, times, and datetimes into the native Python objects.

  • Provides a simple flag for generating “pretty” strings.


To use this package, install it from PyPI (pip install basicserial). Then, make sure you install the serialization package you’d like basicserial to use:

basicserial will automatically find a package to use, but if you want to use a specific one, you can specify its name via the pkg argument to the functions.


>>> print(basicserial.to_json(MY_DATA))
{"foo": 123, "bar": "2018-05-22"}

>>> print(basicserial.to_json(MY_DATA, pretty=True))
  "foo": 123,
  "bar": "2018-05-22"

>>> basicserial.from_json(basicserial.to_json(MY_DATA))
{u'foo': 123, u'bar':, 5, 22)}

>>> basicserial.from_json(basicserial.to_json(MY_DATA), native_datetimes=False)
{u'foo': 123, u'bar': u'2018-05-22'}


>>> print(basicserial.to_yaml(MY_DATA))
{bar: 2018-05-22, foo: 123}

>>> print(basicserial.to_yaml(MY_DATA, pretty=True))
bar: 2018-05-22
foo: 123

>>> basicserial.from_yaml(basicserial.to_yaml(MY_DATA))
{u'foo': 123, u'bar':, 5, 22)}

>>> basicserial.from_yaml(basicserial.to_yaml(MY_DATA), native_datetimes=False)
{'foo': 123, 'bar': u'2018-05-22'}


>>> print(basicserial.to_toml(MY_DATA))
foo = 123
bar = "2018-05-22"

>>> print(basicserial.to_toml(MY_DATA, pretty=True))
foo = 123
bar = "2018-05-22"

>>> basicserial.from_toml(basicserial.to_toml(MY_DATA))
{u'foo': 123, u'bar':, 5, 22)}

>>> basicserial.from_toml(basicserial.to_toml(MY_DATA), native_datetimes=False)
{u'foo': 123, u'bar': u'2018-05-22'}


This project is released under the terms of the MIT License.

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