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A Basketball Reference client that generates data by scraping the website

Project description

Basketball Reference Web Scraper

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Basketball Reference is a great site (especially for a basketball stats nut like me), and hopefully they don't get too pissed off at me for creating this.

Basically, I created this repository as a utility for another project where I'm trying to estimate an NBA player's productivity as it relates to daily fantasy sports. For that project, I need box score and scheduling information, which is provided by this utility.

Here's the PyPi package.

Installing via pip

I wrote this library as an exercise for creating my first PyPi package.

Hopefully this means that if you'd like to use this library, you can by simply downloading the package via pip like so

pip install basketball_reference_web_scraper

This library requires Python 3.4+ and only supports seasons after the 1999-2000 season


You can import the client like this

# This imports the client
from basketball_reference_web_scraper import client

There are also a couple useful enums that are defined in the data module which can be imported like

# This imports the Team enum
from import Team


This client has three methods

  • Getting player box scores by a date (client.player_box_scores)
  • Getting the schedule for a season (client.season_schedule)
  • Getting players totals for a season (client.players_season_totals)

You can see all three methods used in this repl

Data output

This client also supports three output types:

  • Python data types (i.e. a list or results)
  • JSON
  • CSV

Versions >=3 of this client outputs CSV to a specified file path and returns JSON output or writes it to a specified file path.

  • Specify an output type by setting the output_type value to OutputType.JSON or OutputType.CSV
    • The default return value of client methods are Python data structures (the box_scores method returns a list of dicts)
  • If you'd like the output to be outputted to a specific file, set the output_file_path variable - for CSV output, this variable must be defined
  • Specifying an output_write_option specifies how the output will be written to the specified file (OutputWriteOption.WRITE corresponds to w)
    • The default write option is OutputWriteOption.WRITE

Data parsing

  • Some pieces of data, like a player's team or the outcome of a game are parsed into enums (for example, the Team and Outcome enums, respectively, for the previous two examples)
  • These enums are serialized to strings when outputting to JSON or CSV, but when dealing with Python data structures, you'll see these enum values.
    • Hopefully, these enums make it easier for the client user to implement team-specific logic, for example.

Get player box scores by date

from basketball_reference_web_scraper import client
from import OutputType

# Get all player box scores for January 1st, 2017 
client.player_box_scores(day=1, month=1, year=2017)

# Get all player box scores for January 1st, 2017 in JSON format
client.player_box_scores(day=1, month=1, year=2017, output_type=OutputType.JSON)

# Output all player box scores for January 1st, 2017 in JSON format to 1_1_2017_box_scores.json
client.player_box_scores(day=1, month=1, year=2017, output_type=OutputType.JSON, output_file_path="./1_1_2017_box_scores.json")

# Output all player box scores for January 1st, 2017 in JSON format to 1_1_2017_box_scores.csv
client.player_box_scores(day=1, month=1, year=2017, output_type=OutputType.CSV, output_file_path="./1_1_2017_box_scores.csv")

Get season schedule

from basketball_reference_web_scraper import client

# Get all games for the 2017-2018 season

# The schedule method also supports all output behavior previously described

Get season totals for all players

from basketball_reference_web_scraper import client

# Get 2017-2018 season totals for all players

# The players_season_totals method also supports all output behavior previously described

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