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To tar/compress files/directories in batch mode.

Project description


1 Introduction

batch-tar is a tool to tar (and compress) files or directories in batch mode.

2 Installation

pip install batch-tar

There will be a command batch_tar created under the same directory as your pip command.

3 Usage

$ batch_tar

usage: batch_tar [-h] [-l <file>] [-L [<str> [<str> ...]]]
                 [-workdir <directory>] [-tarfile <str>] [-regex <str>]
                 [-compress {z,j}] [-rm] [-p] [--version]

To tar/compress files/directories in batch mode. By Guanliang Meng, see version: 0.1

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l <file>             path list to be dealed with
  -L [<str> [<str> ...]]
                        basenames of files/subdirecotries in `-workdir`. If
                        `-workdir` was not specified, `-workdir ./` is
  -workdir <directory>  working directory. must specify `-regex` together
  -tarfile <str>        group all the files/subdirecotries into one file.tar
                        (.bz2 or .gz). only works with `-L` and `-workdir`
  -regex <str>          deal with only the files/subdirecotries in `-l` or
                        `-workdir` whose basenames match the regular
  -compress {z,j}       For the subdirecotries, when executing `tar -cf`, also
                        add parameter `z` or `j` for `tar` command. The files
                        will always be gzipped if this option was not set.
  -rm                   delete the files/subdirecotries when tar finishs.
  -p                    only print out the commands, not run. then you can use
               to submit multiple jobs. Useful to handle
                        a lot of files because I run in single thread mode
                        only! [False]
  --version             show program's version number and exit


Guanliang MENG


Currently I have no plan for publishing this script.

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